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Sketchbook Commissions - Feedback?


Anti-Rape Boosh!
Hey guys! So I would really like to open this option, not only because I think it would be a fun project, but because I think it would help transfer my ideas from my head to paper and then I would actually HAVE to finish it.

But I had a few questions about them, so if you have sold sketchbook commissions before, I'd LOVE to hear any feedback. And if you have PURCHASED a sketchbook commission, I'd love to hear how the experience went.

1. Size
How big should the sketchbook be? Have you found a decent amount of pages where it wasn't overkill and it wasn't lacking, but just right? Do you let the commissioner decide and base prices off that?

2. Discount
Obviously this is a bulk order, so discounts? Yay or nay? About how much do you take off the full price?

3. Hardbound or Paperback?
I take my paperback sketchbook with me EVERYWHERE I go, and you can definitely tell =3 So is the wear and tear alright or is that too unprofessional? Or do I leave that up to the commissioner?

4. What to Expect
So does the commissioner have to come up with a bajillion pages of sketches, or do they let you decide based on their character(s) info? Or a bit of both?

I think for now those are all the questions I have.. If I have anymore I'll add some.

Thanks in advance for the help!

~Forever After