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Sketchbook Ladder Auction

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Hi guys! I'm basically gonna copy and paste from the auction itself!

http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1010328.html <---actual auction

Here goes:

Who are you?
I'm Catfiddle! I specialize in the cute/cuddly/gay! More of my work can be seen here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/catfiddle/

What kinda sketchbook is this?
It's 7x10 inch Canson sketchbook! Good quality, hard cardboard, black covers. Nice smooth paper on the inside. 30 semi-heavy pages.

What do I get if the price gets to...?

Alright, we're to the meat of the project!

-$30 gets you 30 pages of sketches. Any number of your own characters (no fan characters, other artists characters*, or commercial characters!) That's $1 a sketch folks!

-Every $20 after that gets you 5 inked pages!

-$75 gets you 15 pages with 2 characters! (the books a little smallish and want to draw pretty big!)

-$100 everything is inked and you can get 2 digital colors of picture from the sketchbook!

-Every $25 after that gets you one more digital color!

G-XXX! Be aware- I specialize in male furry art and have a cutesy style! If you ask for anything outside of that expect lower quality. Also, I do not draw scat, vore, water sports, unbirthing, extreme violence, babyfur, zoo, macro, or inflation. (I will draw cub just nothing so young that it has to draw a diaper). To confirm if your fetish is allowed, just ask!

Shipping Info
Commissioner pays shipping costs unless the auction gets up to like $400 (unlikely)

How long will this take?
As soon as you tell me what you want in your sketchbook I'll start drawing! This may take a couple months and I'll be more than happy to give you weekly updates! (if there is any reason why I can't I will let you know ahead of time and show you what I have) I will continue taking other commissions during this time so I will only have time to update you once a week. It's difficult for me to work if I feel pestered and I will not hesitate to refund your money if I feel like it's not worth the trouble.

More questions? Go on and note me on my account or you can comment here!

*the only way I will draw other artist's characters is if I have express permission from the artist. I must email them personally. Sorry if you'll be using it as a gift but I don't take chances.

The commissioner is expected to pay the entire cost upfront (unless it gets over $400 or something, again unlikely)

If you do decide to send your money via money order or concealed cash it will be at your own risk! The faster I receive payment, the faster I start drawing!

Happy bidding and thanks for looking!
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