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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) Sketches ($10) and full-colour paintings ($25+) [commissions: OPEN] [SFW]


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I'm lianneder and I'd like to build up my portfolio, so I'm starting out with pretty low prices. (I'll charge more when I have more examples.)

I have two basic commission types for now, but if you have a specific project in mind, I'm open to discussion! I won't draw NSFW/fetish works, but I'll consider most other things. Comment here or contact me via DM.

I will start working after receiving your payment (PayPal)
, descriptions and/or references.

I can't wait to hear from you and make some more art ^_^

FULL-COLOUR PAINTING (1 CHARACTER) - $25 (more if you want a background)


SKETCH (1 CHARACTER) - $10 (more if you want a background)