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Sketches- anthro&feral all species


So here is the deal!
I need examples for my new 2019 commission page!
I love to sketch and to create sketchy render art!
These will be worked on in between my current commissions as a sort of break/ something different but they will not take priority over my commissions.

My Art

please follow the directions if you don't I will ignore your post.
I will be picking which characters best fit the categories I am looking to do!
I will have complete Artistic Freedom.
If you are interested in a 2 character piece please post two character references. I may or may not chose your characters for that category but it will boost your odds.
Please let me know if you are okay with nsfw, if I do it will be minor.

If I pick your character I will contact you!!


Half Body
Full Body
2 character Half Body
2 character Full Body

Black&White Sketchy Render-
2 character Half Body
2 character Full Body

Flat Color Sketchy Render-
Half Body
Full Body
2 character Half Body
2 character Full Body


Username- (here or FA)
Category: (all or pick one! Sketch, BW, FC)
Type: (all or pick one! bust, hb, fb, 2 char.)
Character(s): (references, no descriptions)
Tell me something about you character(s): (something to help me portray them accurately!)
Okay with NSFW: (yes or no)

Thank you!​


That scalie blue thing
Would love to stick up a post but don't even own a ref, just busts heh. Very nice of you to do this for the forums though uwu.


Would love to stick up a post but don't even own a ref, just busts heh. Very nice of you to do this for the forums though uwu.
A bust is fine if you are applying for a bust in any category! :)
Hi there OP! Thanks for the opportunity!

Username: thegracefulgecko (here!)
Category/Type: Any/All! I'm not picky at all and would love to leave that up for your discretion. I'm going to send art of my sona, and if you select me for 2 characters, I'll also attach my girlfriend's sona as well!
Characters (sending through link to conserve space):
My scalie, Darcy!
My girlfriend's sona, Katie (another reference)

The traits for my scalie are listed in her ref sheet! I would also love if you took artistic liberty for her outfit as well. My girlfriend's sona is more serious/stoic, but with a soft spot for my own. She's also 6'9 so she's much taller than my own.

I am okay with NSFW!

Thanks for taking the time to consider me! Have a great rest of your day.
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That scalie blue thing
A bust is fine if you are applying for a bust in any category! :)
Oh, alright then!
Username: feeka (For FA).
Category: A B&W sketch sounds gucci uwu.
Type: Bust ofc heh.
Character: Probably the best bust I own for a reference. Can give more upon request.
Something about my character: Generally very well outgoing and sociable. Has a chill demeanour but easily excitable.
Okay with NSFW: Would be if I had a full ref .-.


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Username- julievee
Category: Flat Color
Type: 2 Character full body
Character(s): Emperor and Anhka (nsfw; some nude refs)
Tell me something about your character(s): Emperor is a chinese tibetan mastiff fuudog who is a tyrant and dominant being. He can be found tying up helpless victims in shibari style bondage or sitting back and relaxing in lavish surroundings. He enjoys a good opium pipe and the company of his Empress.
Anhka is a Queen of Egypt and wife to the Emperor. She loves fashion and showing off her newest shinies to her husband. Most made from her own silk stocks. She holds herself very lofty and proud. Elegant and refined.
Okay with NSFW: Yes


You can't just quote yourself! -Me
Thanks for the chance at this, you've got some lovely art. I'll share this around a bit for you. Happy New year, and good luck with the commissions ^.=.^

Category: BW or FC
Type: 2 char
www.furaffinity.net: Jarren Reference Sheet by Jarren_Ironclaw
www.furaffinity.net: Seraphina Reference by Jarren_Ironclaw
Tell me something about you character(s): Jarren is a bit of a curious type. Almost to a fault, and rather confident without being arrogant. Though he's still young by dragon standards and his inexperience sometimes comes back to bite him in diplomatic exchanges or formal situations.
Seraphina is a free spirit. A bit of an adventurer and very much a nomad. She's crafty, sometimes arrogant, and always looking for a way to curry favor with those of power, note, or those she finds interesting. She's got a big mouth, though, and that gets her into trouble, especially because she's too proud to NOT put her money where her mouth is. She's also got a 'thing' for dragons.
Okay with NSFW: Yes, indeed.
SirathDraken (a quick way to find me Userpage of SirathDraken -- Fur Affinity [dot] net )

All types are fine

Userpage of SirathDraken -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (My ref sheet)
If anything I’d love to get a crown designed for him something for an emperor and space like since he’s an alien boy.

His personality is pretty aloof he can openly be a lewd noodle and tease other pretty naturally he can look rather cocky with grins and tends to be playful but still gentle if not really direct. (Not much but I’m not too good at describing)

I am definitely alright with nsfw ^^

Asher Grey

Probably Sleeping
Username- Asherion
Category: all is fine!
Type: all is fine here too
Character(s): I'm putting in both my sonas, though it doesn't have to be both, just one might be more fun to draw than the other
Grey: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29817610/
Dakota: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27858182/
Tell me something about you character(s): Grey is your standard tired grump, generally unimpressed. Dakota is his opposite, a bouncy friendly husky who'll do anything for fresh fruit.
Okay with NSFW: implied is fine, but sfw enough that I can post it in more places.

Thank you for the opportunity ^^'


Username- MidnightDragon
Category- I'm okay with all of them but I do prefer a full color!
Type- Anything is fine, no preference
Character- My character's name is Deathless. She is a blue, white, and black wolf. She has magenta eyes, black ear tips and fingers, and the white part of her face goes up her snout. She wears mostly black/dark gray clothing, black/dark gray t-shirt and black leggings.
Tell me something about you character- Deathless is an outgoing, yet easily angered wolf that loves her friends. She lives off two-way respect and will put up a fight. If she doesn't like something or someone, she doesn't keep it a secret, but most of the time, she's happy to be around. She's a music freak and would choose music over interactions with others.
Okay with NSFW: I would like SFW (or slightly suggestive, anything goes)

Thank you so much for the opportunity! I with you luck with your future commissions! <3


Mystic Jackalope
Username- Belladonna_mandrake (both here and on fa)
Category: FC
Type: i'm cool with whatever
Character(s): Claire the Jackalope and Venus the pet Alien
ClaireREF.png venus.png Venis.png <---about the size of a cat
Tell me something about you character(s): Claire like the paranormal,cryipids and magic and her favorite shows are X-files and Steven Universe
Venus makes chip sounds and likes icecream, cartoons and the ocean
Okay with NSFW: no

Mother Anubis

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Username- Mother Anubis
Category: Your art is really awesome, so all would be nice :3 (minus the two character)
Type: All, if that is ok with you (minus the two character)
Character(s): forums.furaffinity.net: Request: - Draw my Dog?
Tell me something about your character(s): She was a kind hearted dog, she enjoyed spending time with you no matter what you were doing. Loved car rides unless she was being taken to the vet, enjoyed a pirate cookie for an occasional treat and was overall a great listener.
Okay with NSFW: I prefer SFW, so no thank you c:


Got Milk?

Damian Voidscale

Fallax splendorem suum
Username- voidebuilder
Category: Any
Type: Any
All my sona pics
Additional pics that are better specific references:
1. (unshaded version)
Tell me something about you character(s): He's pretty friendly, excitable, and Curious, despite his appearance, but he likes to act creepy just for fun (he can be portrayed as happy or menacing)
Okay with NSFW: hard no, sorry


Bitches love sticks
Username - Belatucadros
Category - Your choice!
Type - Bust or half body if possible, as I don't have a full ref for him yet :3
Character - image.jpeg
Character info - Levi is an upbeat, goofy, shy bird. Always in a good mood!
Okay with NSFW - Nope
Thanks so much for the opportunity!
Ill give it a shot! ^^;
Username- TacomaTheDeer
Category: Any/All
Type: Any/All

- without Xmas decorations
Tell me something about you character(s): Generally a nice guy, Though can get anxious/ startled easily
Okay with NSFW: No thanks!

Thanks for the chance! :)


Professional Pain in the Ass
Username: MarbledKitsu (FA)
Category: Any. Your choice.
Type: Any. Your choice.
Character: www.furaffinity.net: Ake Burton Ref Sheet (2018 Redesign) by MarbledKitsu

Info: Ake is preoccupied with surviving, foraging for food, evading capture, and escaping if/when she does get caught.
Info regarding her home world is included below the linked ref sheet.

NSFW: no. thank you.

I'd also like to say thank you for the chance, chosen or not.
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Grimm Hund

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Username- GrimmHund
Category: Any
Type: If you so choose to, you may make a 2-character picture with the two images below. If not, just use Character #1 in a solo image.
  1. www.furaffinity.net: Lilith Outshine by GrimmHund (Read her official personnel profile under the image. All the information you'd need is there.)
  2. Fox_SSBU.png
Okay with NSFW: Yes​


Still looking for a few more characters to chose from! Would like to see more ferals and mammal anthros


4-tailed kitsune
Username- KiokuChan
Category: your choice
Type: your choice
If you do 1 character this is my fursona Kioku:
www.furaffinity.net: Me I suppose... by kiokuchan

www.furaffinity.net: Quick attempt at Kio ref sheet by kiokuchan
(feel free to give her a different kimono or a yukata of your design.)

If you want to do 2 characters you can pick either Sybear or Stoatbert who are fursonas I made for two of my friends who I frequently play video and board games with.
www.furaffinity.net: Sybear ref sheet (colors messed up) by kiokuchan
Note Sybear's hair and nose is purple but my camera made it look blue. It's liek this sort of purple: https://d2v9y0dukr6mq2.cloudfront.n...d-loop-purple_rzrf4u25g_thumbnail-small01.jpg and the marking on the right (his right) side of his face is a hex grid shape like in that picture. Same with the grey markings on the top of his belly.

www.furaffinity.net: Stoatbert (OC) by kiokuchan

Tell me something about you character(s): (something to help me portray them accurately!)

Kioku: She is a mage, and a kitsune who has earned 4 tails through her magical prowess. She likes festivals and enjoying the mystical world with other youkai. Given she's a species with strong ties to mythology and historic folk tale she enjoys wearing old fashioned Japanese clothing like kimonos, and actually sometimes wears her kimono with the left side over the right (even though that's normally only done on the dead) in order to feel more strongly like a spirit-creature as a kitsune/to hint to people about her nature. She really likes things with dragon prints on them because she inspires to be like them magically and feels they are very respectable creatures. Like a typical kitsune she loves aburaage (fried tofu) and thus kitsune udon, spicy misou ramen with aburaage, and inari zushi are some of her favorite meals. She also really loves curry dishes. She finds soaking in long baths enjoyable and sometimes likes to practice ink and water color painting. She also enjoys a lot of games, and logical subjects such as math.

Sybear: A hardcore strategy gamer and a programmer. He also really enjoys JRPGs and bullet hell games. To him the mechanics of the game, and having many intricate choices, are the most important factors in a game. He enjoys various types of science fiction stories and also likes seinen anime. He can get really drawn into his games/can care too much about a situation and thus can sometimes get frustraited more easily than the others. Being a bear he prefers to lounge around in his PJs when he can get away with it and enjoys good naps and hugs/cuddles. He loves chocolate.

Stoatbert: A huge fan of fantasy, sci-fi, Steampunk fiction, and Lovecraftian horror. He likes any excuse to wear Victorian style clothing and really likes role playing different characters. When being serious he tries to act chivalrous which can get a little frustrating some times, but when he's being silly he's can be quite a troll. He loves puns, and he knows a lot about different animal species. He mostly plays pc and board games and unlike Sybear the setting and thematic flavor of the game are the most important elements to him.

Okay with NSFW: If it's just my fursona than possibly out of odd curiosity / allowing you artistic freedom. If it's me and one of my friends than only if it's done so humorously that I can show it to them as a prank/gag-gift because then they may find it funny.

-one more edit- If you also would prefer to make your two characters be Sybear and Stoatbert and not draw me at all you can choose to do that too, or if you just want to pick one of them as a single character that's fine. Really anything would be appreciated!
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4-tailed kitsune
When I first posted I didn't have the descriptions. I edited it and added them though. Whether or not you choose me thank you so much for doing this for people!


Username- Voks
Category: All
Type: All
Tell me something about you character(s): loves listening to music, long car rides and has a big interest in weapons
Okay with NSFW: yes
Thanks for the chance! :3