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¤ Any gender welcome!

¤ Can be SFW or NSFW

¤ Can be original or fanbase characters (the character MUST be yours or with the permission of the owner)

¤ Any species welcome! (Wings, horns or tails, just 1 pair per character, reptilian skin will be simple texturize)

¤ Only Paypal for the moment

¤ Any body type welcome! (Not too exaggerate)

¤ Only 1 or 2 characters per commission

¤ Includes 1 or 2 character, simple props and simple background (gradients, walls, floors, benches, chairs, sofas, curtains or sheets)

Clean Sketch -full body, no background, detailed props- example:

Full Render -full body, with background and detailed props- example:

Clean Sketch -full body, with background- example:

Full render -full body, with background- example:

Clean Sketch
Portrait (Shoulder up)- $10
Half Body (Waist up)- $20
3/4 or Full Body- $30

Full Render
Portrait (Shoulder up)- $35
Half Body (Waist up)- $45
3/4 or Full Body- $55​

Extra Character: +$10
Detailed background: +$10
Detailed props (ask first): +$10
Extra pair of wings, horn and tails: +$7​

Feel free to send me a messange here or at my furafinity account or my twitter:
Userpage of Sevenarms -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
SevenArms (@SevenArmsArt) | Twitter

Have a nice day! ^-^/
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