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Sketchy Render Commissions $8+


trying out something new to add to my commission options!
I love to sketch and it is my favorite part of my art process!
Also, my regular commission prices are going to go up after January 1st and are going thru a reboot!
I only accept PayPal.
Note me here or on FA(darkwiitch)

Sketch- no color- $8+
Headshot, half body or full body
One Character
Feral or Anthro
minimal BG
nsfw or sfw
Artistic Freedom

Black & White - $20
Busts only
One character
Feral or Anthro
Artistic Freedom

Flat Color- 15+
Bust, Half Body or Full Body
Two Characters MAX(half body+)
Feral or Anthro
Simple BG(half body+)
Artistic Freedom

this is just an outline of prices, they me be subject to change if I am not allowed artistic freedom, super complex characters or hardcore nsfw
$8 Sketch no color, bust 1 character
$15 Sketch no color, half body(waist up) 1 character
$20 Sketch no color, fullbody 1 character

$20 BW bust, 1 character

$15 FC Bust, 1 character
$20 FC half body, 1 character
$35 FC half body, 2 characters
$35 FC fullbody, 1 characters
$60 FC fullbody, 2 characters


(cleaner than this example)