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Hi everyone! Welcome to my art shop! I am new to the community! A bit about myself, I am a studio art major earning my BA. I love drawing, playing video games, etc. I have a passion for character design, which is what drew me to this really creative community. I am having a blast with you all so far!

But you came here to see what I make, so here's what I offer:

Fullbody colored sketches ($15):

Fullbody colored sketch, light shading ($20):

Fullbody line and color, cell shading ($30):

Shaded headshot ($7):

Chibi Style ($10)

Animal Crossing Style ($5)

Full Illustrations ($Offer)


  • Will do NSFW (suggestive/nudity is fine)
  • I use paypal/Ko-fi
  • Extra characters in pieces, add original price to itself per character.
  • I am down for most things, just ask~
  • I try to get things done regularly, but please understand that I also have school and things may take time. I will keep you posted. I am starting with 2 slots for this reason.

  • Kink/Fetishes that I am uncomfortable with (don't be afraid to ask, I do not judge.)
  • Excessive gore


  1. OPEN
  2. OPEN
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