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Skills and or Abilities?


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Key Term: Black and White Pandemonium - Like a television on the fritz. Look at my avatar.

It can just be a mysterious phenomenon or it can be a vicious attack. You better pray it is not the latter. Only those connected to Cumulus can ever hope to see behind the black and white veil.


I think I did something when I saw this thread, but ...my head hurts and I forgot what it was that... I ... oh wait, I remember! It went something like this...


Now, I won't tread on anyone's toes, if you enjoy roleplays where mountians and city blocks are leveled, have at it. I might on the very, very rare occasion join in the chaos, but I would have to go and make a whole new character for it. My main character, my fursona, is skilled in most general weaponry. Though I can't honestly remember where any of the swords (or bow, in one instance) he has used in the time since I created him wandered off to, he generally used one for most combat purposes.
Before I say this, I will express how much I hate the "Pirate vs. Ninja" Think that has apparently taken over the internet. That said, I generally prefer a fighting style that starts out 'ninja-like' stalking, sneaky, always using the advantage of suprise, and ends with a very colorful attack and flaunting, occasionally with a rather witty comment, in a very 'pirate-esque' manner.
Mostly I value my character's intelligence, given any random situation he is usually quick to sort out the goings on and find the best route to follow, sometimes adopting a leadership role as the occasion requires.

Oh yeah, and theres that other ability, its attached just below the waistline, and good for making pretty girls and boys squeal in delight. But... I'm pretty sure thats not the sort of rp you had in mind.


nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills..............


This sounds like fun ^^

I had two old rps, so there's gonna be two here.
Illusionist - Manipulates light and how things are or aren't seen (e.g. Can make things transparent, or make light bounce off things that aren't there. Good for sending decoys out in stealth situations.)
Hydro-kenesis - Can control all things involving water (any liquid. Very useful for holding back those with blood pumping from that valve chamber concealed behind their ribcage. Sometimes makes it seem as if the dead are coming back alive, just because it's fun to see people's faces when they see a zombie. My characters like messing with people ^^)

Only the illusionist was a fur, (arctic fox. Surprise!). Both are skilled with daggers and other small sharp throwable objects, but not the best. They know how to handle guns as well, and would pretty much die without them. My characters generally fall in close combat situations, but are great with the stealth and long range aspects. Unless performing minor tasks, they can only control one thing at a time. Sadly, the rps that I was in were with my ex...which means I don't have any rps going anymore :(.


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My dude's a sorcerer basically. AT least to D&D folk since he can just do stuff without even talking or having to do any incantations.


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@Fen Hydrokenisis is fun. Technically Trellek is considered a minor Tidal Aquamancer for the RP he was made for. It means most of the magik you see will be lesser gravity bolts, but he can manipulate most liquids quite easily(within about ten feet). As far as combat goes, when cqc isn't your strong suit you find someone who can protect you, or you don't let your opponent catch you...Uh...let's see here, illusionist and screwing with people's heads. Always a very, very, extremely enjoyable pastime. Extremely low-grade(comparative to the rp he's made for)telepathy makes playing with folk's heads child's play.
@Digitalpotato D&D folk can, as a rule, pike the hell off. When I RP I don't use dice. The way I see it, if my character shoots you with his rifle, you have about a tenth of a second to respond. If you don't tell me, immediately, how beefy you are or what special armor you have, I'm gonna assume it's cause I just killed you. As far as magik without incans Trellek possesses a very, very little bit of magik. He can spellcast...And you wouldn't know he was doing it until a bolt of force disrupted the molecular structure of your body where it hit you(Not quite true as you can see the bolt coming but...)


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firing skills, drifting car skills , rat rod skills , modeling skills, singing skills, and the skills to look the best as well


heres mine

Species: half-human half-wolf (pretty much human but with wolf ears
and tail)
Hair color: dark brown
Weight: 135-140 (Slightly muscular)
Height: 5.11ft tall (6.3-6.4ft if include wolf ears)
Weapon: dual-wields falcata sword, and a dagger
Skills & or Abilities: he's undetectable by sense. his strength is normal so not super strong. he runs pretty fast (note: not fast as flash lol). and he is very quick at dodging/parrying attacks. he has the normal abilities of a wolf as in detecting sense from smell and hearing.

so pretty much hes a assassin/hunter lol.

Roose Hurro

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My "persona" is an alien, a young male of a species that genetically enhanced itself over fifty-thousand years ago, and went through radical changes in their society and culture as a result... and a complete reversal of their technological base. Changes so radical, they no longer remember, or have any record of what their ancestors did to turn their species in a new direction. In effect, their past erased itself, and history started over.

The enhancements?...

... A natural low level telekinetic ability, boosted to far higher levels by the nano-genetic inclusion of a neurological crystal, embedded in the forehead as a glowing third "Eye".

... Related to the boosted TK ability, a natural "diversion shield". Protection against physical harm, up to deflecting bullets, so long as the "Eye" remains lit... subject to "feedback", if overstressed.

... An extra sensory ability, gained through the nano-genetic addition of
seelers - Sensory Feelers, a set of three antennae, grown from the skull, tied into the visual centers of the brain, able to pick up images or "patterns" of energy, from thermal to quantum flux/Cosmic String, in great detail (subatomic level).

... Accelerated healing/regeneration. This, due to nano-elements in their blood.

... Enhanced lifespan, due to the nano-elimination of disease... perfect immunity.

... Reproductive enhancements... extra "equipment", both male and female, gives individuals total control over conception, without the need for external contraception in any form. No need for pills or condoms or surgery.

... Slightly altered biodensity, to increase the natural physical durability and strength inherent in their species, focused mostly on the skeletal structure, making bones difficult to break (more likely to crack and yet hold together under trauma).

... Probably a few other minor changes from their base species, due to the time involved, and the possibility of some slight evolutionary/adaptive instability in the early years/decades/centuries since enhancement. Fortunately, their ancestors were both thorough and wise, if quite brash in their actions... all that was done has proven genetically stable and viable, with no signs of any future problems. A success, in other words, spread by time and generations to every individual now living.........

Roose is a twenty year old male, just into his wings (males grow a stubby pair of battish wings, at puberty, used for display, to attract females). Though he is young, he has lived an active life (no TV exists on his Homeworld), and has learned how to handle the sword, staff, and conversion of metal into plasma (in the form of ball bearings, fired from the palms of his hands by TK energy). He's also a very good singer and dancer, his mother having trained him in the physical and martial arts... she also saw to it he got the best nutrition possible, so his wings would grow in perfect, and to lessen her son's chance of death (very rare, but the stress of that change can be lethal to a male, if he's not physically prepared).

Every one in a thousand males, when they enter puberty, they develop a higher level to their TK abilities, but this results in a dangerous instability in energy flow and control... this extra power is a gift, but, at first, is something of a curse. Just at the time when a young male has gained the ability to become a father, he cannot dare touch a female, in an intimate manner, for fear he may lose control, and unintentionally kill her. For a year, males "gifted" in this way must separate themselves from outside contact... a place you might think of as monastery, places of refuge, exist in remote areas, where "gifted" males can go, for training and meditation, till they are able to control their newfound power. As an alternative, a male can also leave the Homeworld, and go elsewhere for his temporary, year-long isolation. Roose ended up one of these "gifted", and chose to spend his year of isolation aboard his slideship, GreenDay, learning control by controlling his ship... his plan had always been to pilot a slideship, to see the universe, with his childhood sweetheart, Chorri, as his co-pilot and Lifemate. However, due to "events" not of his choosing, he is presently piloting GreenDay alone.