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Brutal Kitty

New Member

HNNG I love then so much.
It's hard to give em' away. ;w;
But I need Christmas money!!!!!!!

Please spread the word about these babies, they need a good home. ;v;

#1 -OPEN! $10 USD
#2 -OPEN $10 USD

Paying $15 will come with their very own pixel icon!!
1 www.furaffinity.net: Arroyo - Comm by BrutalKitty
2 www.furaffinity.net: Sessaru -Comm by BrutalKitty
3 www.furaffinity.net: KreatureInc -Comm by BrutalKitty
4 www.furaffinity.net: ChaosWaffle -Pixel Icon Commission by BrutalKitty

✖Winner will receive full resolution of the adopt, without the watermark. Swatches are optional.
✖ You decide the gender/species
✖First come first serve.
✖ Once purchased, adopt can be used personally or commercially
just not the art I've created <3

✖ Comment below to claim
PAYPAL USD ONLY, invoice will be sent once payment is due.
✖ No refunds, please be very certain before bidding/buying
✖ Winner must reply within 24 hour
✖ Please ask questions as needed
✖ Winner will be claimed 24 hours after last bid

DESIGN © BrutalKitty@FA (Me)

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