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Sloth? Q w Q


So I have this feral sloth character, but I'm poor at the moment and can only pay with written works. So this could be either a request or an offer of a trade if you will?

The character is just a sloth, nicknamed flirty-sloth. It offers flowers to things it finds pretty.

Thank you in advance for even reading this thread.

((Seriously though, I'm sorry that I can't pay ;-; ))


Exactly like that SQUEE. And just a plain old sloth, so brown (I don't expect any sort of omg realism). I don't think they have eye colors, so the black is fine. No hair, and just a hibiscus flower (it's like their version of chocolate u wu). Male.
Sorry I didn't say any of that in OP. I don't expect hyper realism, but I'm not a huge fan of sparkledogs.