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Sly Cooper Vore story Idea

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Star Sage

Okay, I'm a decent author of the fetish called vore. Give me twenty minutes, and I can type something up within that genre that will give you a feeling right here*Grabs crotch*

However, at the same time, I'm crazy. No ifs, ands, or buts about that. I'm crazy enough that while trying to write a Sly Cooper fanfic(Twice) I found out I wrote the characters involved berating me for taking them out of character, as well as the turtle getting onto my about the impossibility of the plot itself from a physics stand point...so yeah, I'm not even gonna try to write it a third time.

Anyway, I was wondering if someone else wanted to take the idea and run with it. If you want, I'm willing to trade for the story. And not just vore either. I do a little bit of everything. From crush, to sex stuff, to adventure style scenes. Give me an idea, and I'll flow with it. Check my account for a few good examples of that, and if you want, ask around. I can work from a base story out, or I can ask for details and the like to make it exactly what you're thinking of.

Oh, almost forgot, the idea. Alright, this will require a bit of knowledge about the games, but not a whole lot. Basically, it's set during the very start of the first game, the tutorial level, Carmalita's office. In this case, she's barred the vent system a bit more than Sly can handle, and so, he needs another way into her office. Bently, the mad scientist of the group, has an experimental formula that will do just the trick, as it's a protoform of his shrink darts from the second game. In this case, Sly takes them, and shrinks to a few inches(1-3) tall, and then sneaks into Interpol's Paris headquarters, making his way past several pairs of feet, including some booted ones that almost crush him belonging to Inspector Fox herself, before making it to her office. The files he needs are on her desk, and he ascends it with only a bit of difficulty, leaping between the various things on her desk in the fashion of the game, before landing on top, looking at the info he needs. Then Bently gets on the line to tell him that Carmalita's coming up the stairs, probably going to her office. With no choice, he dives inside something on her desk(I would like a sandwich, as demonstrated by my own works, but she had a coffee cup on her desk in the game). Either way, Sly turns out to be better at hiding than he would have liked, as Inspector Fox ends up making a meal of him without ever noticing, and in the process crunches his binocucomms between her teeth, so Bently and Murry don't know where he is.

If anyone's interested in doing this as a story or pic as part of a trade, or just as a request, let me know.


The Oft Mispronounced
Hm... well, I'm not one for chewing, so if that's what you're looking for I'd rather not. But I do know a lot about the games, and I can write that genre well (last I checked, it's been a while and I may be rusty), so maybe I'm your guy. :) Mind you, I'd prefer to swap crushing the binocucom in her teeth to it failing to work due to, say, a shortcircuit (perhaps he dove into a cup of coffee), that way there's not a question of why he went down unchewed when his binocucom was crushed. I'd be fine with doing this for nothing, but since I suppose it's a little dodgy (meh, vore isn't necessarily porn when it isn't written to contain it, even though it's still questionable whether I have the right to access it despite that never stopping me before) it'd be nice if I could get a quick little short story for the trouble. :) A few pages of inspiration towards one of my Sly Cooper fanfics (yep, I've got one of those in progress) would motivate me to write quickly and well. If you're interested, drop me a PM or E-mail or IM or something, or just post here, and I'll be waiting. :)
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