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Free Art: Small Bust Drawings [CLOSED]


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Thanks everyone for posting! I will continue to draw your characters and reopen when I am finished :)
Hello all, I am fishandbones. I would like to practice my digital painting so I am offering for a short time free small bust paintings of your character. All that I ask is that you post at least one image of your character to this thread please do not link an image, I also ask that I be allowed to repost the artwork where I need it (I will never claim the character)
You may do what you want with the artwork, just do not claim it as your own.

I accept SFW and NSFW (Ill only do NSFW if you state you want it and you are 18+)
The artwork will be in a variety of styles so I cannot guarantee that yours will be similar to the previous or next person. You may suggest things you want in your initial post but it is up to the artist if it is added in.

Please do not spam the thread and only post when necessary, I cannot promise I will get to all of you. I will end this when I feel I need to.

Afterwards I will contact you privately to send the artwork.


If I am breaking any forum rules feel free to take this down, I am new too these forums so feel free to correct me.
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I have my boy here. I just ask if done that it’s sfw preferable. Thank you for the chance.

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Here is my girl. I would only like to have sfw.
Her wings are the same color as her belly except the tips of her wings.


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Here is my kobold! Wouldn't mind something cute of him, but whatever you feel like, if you choose to do it, is fine!


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Maybe you might like to try my mutant specimen: Caesius
He is bat/wildebeest/cat

Thanks for the chance!



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I would love art of my dude, Dusty! Sfw or nsfw is fine. Thanks for the opportunity!



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Hey, welcome to FAF, very glad you've joined us!

I always enjoy some NSFW, my concepts be on my profile under INFO!

Thanks very much for the offer!


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Here's my boy, if you are willing! Could you please do a SFW drawing! Thank you for doing this, your art is lovely!