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(Base/YCH) Selling: smile ych $10-170


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min 10
<<25 reline
<<40 flat colors
full colors
ab $65
nsfw/ fetiche $170
more arotic pose add toy, or fetish version nsfw+ normal full colors
slots 2

*this ych, has a wardrobe and accessory background of your choice, as well as a slight change of pose

*Sample sketch for auction. corresponds to the 25 usd sketch
bottom and clothes of your choice

*Your character will be drawn in that pose. will adapt completely to the species of your character

*I it can be any species
pony, canines, felines, sergal, fox, panda etc

*You can be boy. or girl o. girl-boy

*You must send the reference of your character.

*payment only by paypal

you can contact me by mail or twitter I will answer any dude
twitter kyriamask
mail = masked.elika@gmail.com

Delivery reference time 1 to 2 weeks - usually less time