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Snacks You Like That Horrify Everyone Else


I wouldn't say it horrifies anyone, but I have been called weird for it: raw tomatoes. I just eat them like normies eat apples. Most people ruin them with sugar if they do eat them raw, but that's wrong.


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Hmm... Straight habanero-pickled garlic. Perhaps unpopular, though not quite mayonnaise-bread level.

In elementary school I had a friend who ate pretzels with ketchup. I don't think I'll ever be on board with that one


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Baby food



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I make my own cheese and right now I'm eating it. I also eat mushrooms I collect too. That mostly just horrifies people because they're worried I'm going to die.

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I'm a vanilla snacker I guess, nothing I eat as snacks is any weird or horrifying

I used to snag raw sausages tho.


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Uncooked hotdogs. Raw chocolate chip cookie dough. Jello brand cheesecake. Super rich cake that makes normal people bleed from their teeth. Froot Loops with sliced banana.



okay I wasn’t expecting “small” size to be that shitty but it makes it more cursed so enjoy

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I *love* dark chocolate with chili.

I also like deep fried coconut chips seasoned with chili powder.

And coffee with chili.


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I don't really eat it as often anymore, but I used to love throwing a banana in a blender, waiting until it's mushy, then scooping it out and eating it with some grape jelly mixed in. It always tasted really sweet! The texture took some getting used to, though lol


Horrifying snack? Nobody dared to look my way once the sandwich consisting of ranch, cheese, Cheetos, and ice cream was made. Some almost threw up, but I didn't mind. I've been known for mixing foods together in otherworldly fashion.


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okay I wasn’t expecting “small” size to be that shitty but it makes it more cursed so enjoy
Being super honest this looks delicious!

As for myself, I haven't eaten these for some years (can't find them anymore) but I liked to eat Iça, a kind of ant, as a snack. They tasted like popocorn when you fried them!