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Snow Leopard Girl!


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Heyo~! Don't worry too much about this thread unless you've got some input! It's just a place for me to write down thoughts for my new fursona idea. Strangely enough, I don't have a snow leopard fursona. Sneps are my favourite floofs! I shall now let my creativity fly across the keybard and create a beautiful floofy snow leopard. Enjoy if you'd like!

Name: Rikka
Age: 17
Sex: female
Species: Snow leopard
Height: 5'5"
Weight:120 ibs

- Hair and fur: Punk style floppy mohawk {I don't know the real name for it}, magenta
- Markings: Lovely light grey main colour, white belly fur and neck floof, spots are in normal spots for snow leopard but are pure black
- Left eye colour: Very light grey iris, black pupil
- Right eye colour: Icy blue iris, black pupil
- Other features: Large breasts, slim waist, fur is long and thick but fits well to body, floofs out at neck/collarbone area
Behaviour and Personality:
She's rather sweet and seems innocent at first glance but she can be cruel sometimes. Cold. But once she gets to know someone and get close to someone, her personality really warms up. She can often be seen hugging her own long, floofy tail that's been wrapped around her waist a little for warmth.

Skills: Ice magic. She can solidify water into ice, whether it's large bodies of water like a lake or a river, or water molecules in the air. She can freeze them into whatever she wants and needs. She thrives in cold environments, wet or dry. She gets cold but not easily. When she does get cold, cuddles will provide plenty of warmth.
Weaknesses: Heat. She's got so much fur that too much heat makes her overheat.

Likes: Cold, glowing things, flowers, ice, plenty of sleep
Dislikes: Heat, mosquitos, not sleeping enough

She comes from a family of snow leopards that can use ice magic. She is the strongest ice wielder they've had in centuries. Her family wanted her to help the people around her in her town. The same people who always laughed at her for overheating so easily. Using too much of her magic will freeze her but so far she's only used enough to start shivering a little. Her peers would laugh at her for shivering with such a large coat. As soon as she could, she left her home and her town without a word. She moved around for a while, saved people with her magic, saved herself from idiotic decisions with her magic. She would live in igloos made by her, thick layers of ice walls to keep out enemies. Now she has settled in a small clearing that is often cold and covered in snow. It is deep in the wilderness, far from any settlements. Her clearing has a waterfall leading into a small but deep pool, so deep that she can stand flat on her feet and her neck and head are the only things above water. Since her clearing is often cold, so is the water. Somehow, the water never freezes and always stays a comfortable temperature. She eats apples and berries from the nearby plants and makes healing herbs and ointments self-taught through trial and error. She drinks from the waterfall, bathes in the pool. Her entire life is spent in the safety of her clearing. Except for when she feels the need to explore. What happens during those excursions, only RPs will tell...


Clothing/Personal Style: Her fur is long enough that she doesn't need clothing
Picture: I haven't got one yet because I literally made her up as I type this XD

Personal quote: "Be careful of who you give your heart to. It may come back in pieces."

Favourite food: Green apples
Favourite drink: Water from her waterfall
Favourite location: The clearing she has made her home
Favourite weather: Mostly cloudy with a little sun, cold, snow and rain are both nice
Favourite colour: Light blue or purple

Least liked food: Meat in general
Least liked drink: Alcohol
Least liked location: The town she was born in
Least liked weather: Hot and sunny

Favourite person: Whoever she feels comfortable opening up to
Least liked person: Her family and the townspeople from her birthplace
Significant other: None
Orientation: Pansexual

Any input is welcome! Just saying!
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Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN
I have updated the right eye colour and her name! My friend gave a lovely name for her. Her name is now Rikka. Thank you @Alyx-the-blue!


Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN
I updated her hair UwU