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So, a query about designing.


The toaster is laughing at me.
I'm designing my first fursona and due to being out of practice for a few years I'm having the hardest time drawing anthros. Would it be the worst idea in the world to use a base as a starting point?


Low Fat Cat
I don't think so. Then again, I was never very picky about my design. I'd just make sure the base is in line with the general body type you want, otherwise I can't really see any problems with doing that.


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There's some pretty good bases out there for those of us who are bad at drawing. If you have a program that can support Photoshop files (like fire alpaca) I would recommend looking into rad panda's free reference sheet. I'm working with it now and it's very nice.


The toaster is laughing at me.
Thanks for the advice guys ^^ And Synthex, the reference sheets great, thanks for sending me that way :D