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So. . . Destiny 2 anyone?


Ever Caring Dragon Uncle
How many of y'all play D2? Or Destiny in general? What do you run class? Favorite exotic? Just curious about loads of things.


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
I typically main hunter, occasionally play titan. As far as exotics, I was a big fan of Jotuun before they kinda nerfed it. For looms, function, lore or a combination of the three my faves are Thorn, Ace of Spades, Business, and Trinity Ghoul.

Ratt Carry

Well-Known Member
Didn't they completely butcher this game recently? I heard their last major update made some insane changes that killed an already mediocre base experience. I remember seeing Steam reviews were that blood red negative a few months back.
I only played it before one of it's previous expansions. Got to level 30 and quit.

Curt Goynes

I played it once or twice just because my cousin was preparing for some competition and asked me to join him in the game but I didn't like the gaming experience for some reason. But the graphics is pretty good :)


I've been playing a lot lately, but am not super familiar with the current exotics. I miss my Mida Multi-Tool being worth using! I have a character in all the classes, but mostly play my hunter-void (I'm a sucker for hoods and cloaks, what can I say?). My current favorite exotic (that I own or know of anyway lol) is a chest piece called Raiju's Harness. I'm running Illuminous Grasps and Strides (from the Solstice event this year), Reverie Dawn Casque helmet, and the Illuminous Cloak, but with an ornament to make it look like the Wildwood Cloak. With the New Age Black Armory shader on most of it, I look like an Old Republic era Sith Lord lol

For weapons, the exotic I'm using currently is the auto-rifle Monte Carlo, but I'll switch as soon as I get a good exotic bow.