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So foxes are sluts?

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Two scoops of Fuzz
That depends on the fox~

It's Dr. Fuzz!
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Because he's not in denial. :v

True. I am in denial, and I totally oppose the categorization of otters as "slutty". They can wriggle a bit more than other animals. So what? That's why I said "(and possibly otters)", the "possibly" alluding to the fact that it seems to be another discussion in this particular thread that won't go away.

Otters are not slutty. I won't believe it.


Off we go to the sea
Huskies are almost on par with the foxes.

Others are left far behind them in terms of sluttiness.


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It's Dr. Fuzz!
Well, doc, I-
*climbs up onto nearest light fixture*
Back, you!
Now, I don't want any trouble. My asshole hurts enough.
What are you going to do to me, Fuzz?

Rivers Bluetail

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I think it has been established that otters are not sluts, so yes, let's move on to huskies.
Why? There's no point disputing something that's already fact. Huskies and Wolves are a little less slutty than foxes, but still up there. They rank a 9 on the ITSfY Scale.
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