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So hard to find free artists


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Can understand with the commissions and that all. But every artist is other.
For they you must pay, you have a quality amazing picture then. (If it so? I don't know..)

The free artists can be the Contrary... Must not be..
Some free Artists are better then the commission artists..

Well btw.. I am a free drawer. But I only draw traditional rabbits..


I KNOW people who draw Art for others deserve to get paid but some of the fucking prices are stupid! One guy told me that he would draw a face portrait of my OC for 80$!!! That is pure stupid! And this other guy on steam, Suave gave me a "Free" picture but then later Demanded I pay for it! If I was a Artist ((and if I could actually DRAW)) I would only want to be paid with smiles! So if there is Anyone out there with a Good heart who is willing to draw for free. PLEASE contact me! I need something to cheer me up because the past few days have been a real Bitch! ;-;
Wish I could help out with that but I'm a person who looks at pictures and redraws them bigger and 90% of the time it's black and white and takes awhile because I really don't get down time to draw anymore:-( but if you might want me to try something send a pic N I'll give it a go if possible lol.


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I will make you free art if you give me free food, a free tablet, free paper, free art supplies, free healthcare and health insurance, free internet/electricity/heating/water and free rent.

I just wanted to put out there that there are a lot of costs involved.


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If I was a Artist ((and if I could actually DRAW)) I would only want to be paid with smiles!
That's because, considering your age, you're most likely still living on parent's money. If I give away all results of my hard work for smiles, I'll die from starvation in no time (or freeze to death after being evicted). Of course, there is, indeed, stuff that I draw and animate for free, mainly to cheer someone up or as a sign of gratitude, and that's something that makes me happy in return, but doing that on a constant basis, to complete strangers, is a suicidal thing to do for me.
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Though all of the major points have been covered, I'll add my opinion here as well.

I have been working full time to support my own financial needs since I was fifteen years old. Offering free goods or services is a wonderful gesture. To truly offer anything with no strings attached is to first be financially able to take X number of hours or days or weeks from your life, time that may have otherwise been used to feed, house and cloth you, and offer it up to aid/help/entertain/impress another. Assuming that the free thing is an item, there is a good chance that the recipient of the free item will soon set it aside or discard it. After all, it cost the recipient nothing; no labor, no time, no effort beyond receiving the gift.

To the OP; your apparent attitude about the subject makes you come across as one with a strong sense of self-entitlement and a general lack of understanding of the true value of the most precious of all commodities, time. If that one artist did originally offer you a piece for free, and then later asked for/demanded payment, then that artist was wrong.


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I know not to bother asking for free art because I know the artist takes like an hour or more per request and time adds up. Not to mention some who ask for art want a very detailed and precision-based piece of work.

It can become taxing and time consuming for an artist to take on 20 requests because they really need to have nothing better to do for 8 hours or more in order to process a lot of requests I would assume.

One day I hope to get lucky to find someone to draw me but I won't be begging or expecting it to be to my exact expectations because it is free and the artist will have to squeeze me in on top of their already long queue they are bound to have as well as their life they live.

If anyone really wants good art then pay for it so both can get exactly what they want out of the deal ;)



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Just going to throw my 2 cents in here...

If you're on a budget and looking for artwork, I would suggest using the search box on FA to look for things like Art Raffles, or artists offering free requests.
Sometimes it takes some digging, but you might get lucky!


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Late to the party, BUT...

Art is a luxury good, whether you accept it or not.
I double dare anyone who thinks otherwise to pay for a designer bag, restaurant bill or entertainment ticket with a smile.

For anyone interested, besides the obvious "artists need money to live" reality check, I suggest reading into "intangible" and "perceived" values of luxury goods for a sweet eye-opener.


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anyone who charges less than 25 an hour for anything is an idiot. if you won't pay for their work, someone else will.