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So hey look at this piece of crap...


Now that I think about it, has there ever been a movie about anthropomorphic wolves before?

I don't remember any.

The only one I can think of is Balto 2 if you're looking for wolves being the subject. One Stormy Night and Ringing Bell of Chirin COULD count since they both have a wolf as the main character.

Either way, this movie looks like shit. The designs are awful and the plot is already being made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPqwlgqO_x0 .
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The wolf movie's style is bad enough, but the story makes me wants to scream and punch myself in the face. Goddamn.


lol aww I think it looks damn cute. I might rent it on netflix when it comes out on DVD. the animation style looks retarded, and the storyline seems gay, but thats what makes it so damn cute! *bounces up and down and claps like a little kid*
now i wanna watch ice age 3 again :/

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Seems like they cant make good animated shows with animals in it that much anymore.
They just put something together and hope they get rick quick or something.

Secret of Nimh AKA one of the greatest animated movies of all time, (not saying that cuz of the furry critters, sayin that cuz it literally was)

I agree with this as well. Don Bluth did a amazing job bring the book to the screen.


Certenly doesn't look like the worst... Certenly not the best.. Definantly not going to watch it unless i some how end up at a 6 year olds house who happens to have the movie and they're watching it at the time, or for some reason my parants get it. >_>

(they would do that, wouldn't they?) (Yes, yes they would, but I certenly hope not. :S )


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Saw the preview while at Toy Story 3 as well. My first thought was similar to the OPs :p

"Wonder how many furfags will see this because it has wolves in it?"

Looks like a shit movie though.


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I don't like the head shape of the wolves or the art design. At all. They have flat wide faces with wafer thin muzzles. No thank you. DO NOT WANT.

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Those wolves are gonna rape me in my sleep, they're UGLY and they fail.

I will most likely not see this.


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There's already a topic over this but whatever. I might see it although I probably won't just because its too animated. I'm not so much of a stickler for animated films and I perfer to see some parts that are motion captured or blue/green screened. I remember reading that the plot would be a little on the cheesy side so there's another negative factor there. Character design looks good, not as realistic as the twilight eclipse wolves but that's alright.

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I dunno, that crappy Balto 2 kinda killed it for me, shoulda just left a great movie alone but nooooooo, sigh w/e this Movie screams Balto until you start reading what it actually is. Most likely due to the Goose, I loved that Russian Goose.


I might go see it if I am really bored.

Speaking of Secret of Nimh, I heard rumors that there is going to be a remake of that film. They better not screw it up.


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I'll probably see it when it comes out on DVD, because my dad likes to rent Redbox movies

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Yeah, that's pretty retarded.
I hate kid's films with HIP YOUNG ADULTS playing the main characters with really strained dialouge.


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Admit it, some of you want to see it just for that "OMG IMA FURRY! Wolfs Rock!" reason :U
Not me, I'm punching myself in the face right now after having watched that trailer! RAUARWRGHHHh! I think it's because I absolutely despised Balto.


I read somewhere that this is to cash in on the wolf craze going on over dA... I mean the style of the characters is similar to how the kids draw wolves. They have everything right... even the cliche characters and plots that most wolf comics have.

I wonder if they're going to make a sparkle/scene/gloom dog movie next.


to each his own. i hated pirates of the carrabian, and it was a huge movie. I like all the lesser know, more retarded movies. they always seem to be the best imo.


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Typical animated movie, animation looks sweet and characters arn't to bad either X3. Will i see it? Maybe not. But it'll be funny to see what my friend's who know im a fur do when i see this preview with em. Also, sadly i'm sure there's already rule 34 of this. Damn furfags! X3