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So, hi!


Hoarder of plushies
I thought I should come to the forums before heading to bed. Before anyone asks, it's 4 AM here. Man, I should be asleep, haha...

Anyway, the name's Endyran. But if you prefer to go by my sona's name, it's Jewel. (Although the sona in my avatar is Phantom, sorry if it gets confusing!)
I'm from Europe, which explains the time too.
While I can be a bit shy, I don't mind talking at times, though I can be a bit slow with replies ^^'

The things I do are drawing, watching movies and maybe a bit too many cat video's too, those make me smile. I also hoard plushies, the more the merrier. I like to play games too, but I can be picky about what games I want to play. Pokemon is always a must for me, though! Besides that, I also am making my own fursuit, but I'm really a beginner at this. It's fun, though!

I do love to hear recommendations when it comes to games, movies and series that are worth playing/watching, so feel free to leave suggestions too!

As for now, umm, I think I better head to bed though! Have a lovely day!


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Welcome! Have a cookie!

There’s plenty of shy people with similar interests. They’ll be saying hi too, I’m sure. :)

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Welcome to the Zoo!
Please don't feed the perverts!