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So how about them games everyone plays

But really, majority of these boards that are special interests are mostly about the stuff are RPGs, overhyping one game thats coming out for a nintendo console, and intendo pretty much in general. Anyone appreciate the mostly "Mainstream" type of games?

For starters, I enjoy the tony hawk series a lot, and as well as the old ESPN football games (2k5 was a godsend. First person football kicked so much ass. Too bad it's gone.)

What about you?


If by "mainstream" you mean Halo and EA sprorts games and such, then no, I don't play much of those.
I think the latest "non Nintendo" "mainstream" game I played was Bioshock and I didn't even finish it because I got bored with it, shooters aren't really my thing.


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Does SimCity 4 count? Cause I've been playing a lot of that lately, building up a nation.


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I play alot of shooters. Halo 3 being my favorite in the FPS genre.

TimeSplitters is a FPS series I fancy alot and cant wait for the 4th title


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I seem to be the only person who knows of System Shock 2 and is able to enjoy Bioshock.


I've played System Shock as well as Bioshock and I liked it. It's just that I get bored with most of the shooters I play before I finish them.
The only shooters I've ever beaten are Undying, Perfect Dark, Half Life 2 and Timesplitters Future Perfect.


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My favourite genres of Computer Games are Turn based strategy, Shoot em ups and to a lesser extent RPG's. Lately ive been playing Galactic Civillizations 2 and Boot fighter Windom.


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Elder Scrolls: Oblivion recently. im in love with that game - but its starting to get glitchy! i also love the dawn of war series and the command and conquer series.


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Tetris, biatch. That's right, I'm takin' it old school...


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Silent Hill series is my favorite, but the fifth isn't out yet, so currently I'm obsessed with:
The orange box- at part 2, finished HL2 and portal. I love this game so much I could have violent sex with it.
Counterstrike/zombie master- Just bought and currently LOVING to death and making violent sex with it as well.
Mass Effect- Finished, Awesome game, SO MUCH TO DO!!! : (|
And I had been trying to play Quake 3 arena, Star craft, Duke Nukem 3D, AND doom, but am having a shitload of problems for each, so I haven't gotten into heaven quite yet.

Oh Duke Nukem, how I miss thee.
Err.. Well I play games that people know of..

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Halo 3
Call of Duty 4
Mass Effect
Assassin's Creed
Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
World of Warcraft
Grand Theft Auto 4

I mean I stopped playing some cause I got bored. I currently don't play anything but you get the idea I guess.. GTA 4 didn't come out yet but RAWR ME WANT!



Xbox 360: Halo 3. Some Call of Duty 4 when I have access to it. Just got back into Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and just beat Assassin's Creed.

PC: Frets on Fire (freeware Guitar Hero clone). Exteel. Lots of TrackMania Nations Forever.


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Assasin's Creed, Star Wars Battlefront II and Renegade Squadron if that counts