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So, how have you all been?

What's been going on?

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  • I don't even know where to begin

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  • *Blep*

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Mr. Villanous charm
I missed all the pointless drama. >:
he says with a smirk on his face as he tips his fedora, sarcasm emanating like an aura as he says that


Officially elected and actual ruler of FAF

Jackpot Raccuki

Mind your manors
Hello friends, Jackpot here or so according to the wiki leaks.

I’ve been doing ok, I can’t complain much since barely anything changed which itself is depressing to admit but I try and be happy.
I’ve finally brought out my VR and played some vrchat with my boyfriend, although doesn’t seem like he’s interested in playing with me so I’ll likely stick to occasional vr games and if friends wanna play say vrchat I can set it up and play.

Oh and I got like a shit ton of commissions, some still being done, and some new ones.

Hope to see you dorks around more.


Joy Boi
I was told by my Dr.'s office that I had symptoms of the delta variant last week, so I got tested. Test came back negative, but I was still extremely sick.

I've also been extremely depressed, and more than usual too.
*Gives you a tight hug in a hazmat suit*

We love ya Catto <3

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Got a new job, and turned out to be scammed while part of it was thanks to my stupidity. I'd like to quit the contract but that'll give my colleagues a hard time until they get another person in my seat. I'm now concerning between my own good and others'.

Other than that... Almost two-third of the news are negative ones so lemme skip them. We ain't here for bad news all over the floor!

Well! I'm about to get myself a new computer and a new prop gun! Yay!

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
I don't know where to begin - I think.

Been too fracking hot the last few weeks to get anything done after ten in the morning until seven or eight at night. I need to build two workbenches but Old Man Sol has made it his edict that I cook if I'm trying to get things done.

Then the forum went down. Yeah. Makes a real case not to use Xenforo forum software. PHPBB with all the updates is pretty solid since I used to admin a Xenforo board and I still admin a PHPBB board. That Xenforo board was hacked by "Script Kiddies" on a monthly basis. Thankfully, we did nightly backups so only one or two days were lost when we were hacked. My PHPBB boards were never hacked as they were kept up to date.

And, I'll bet I have received at least forty offers to get me into a Medicare Supplement plan. Uh Huh, I'm that old. I retired from a union job (Gov't employee) so my health plan is covered by my last employer and it's a very good plan compared to others. If I went somewhere else, I lose that paid insurance.

And, my fracking Ford Explorer. I've been trying to get the title for this b!t@h for over two years now. To preface, when we moved, We thought we had the titles for all of our vehicles. Well, we didn't. The Expy was paid off in 2010 but it would seem we never received the title after we sent in the lien release. It took nearly eighteen months to finally get a release, as our loan was originally through Capitol One, then sold to Onyx Acceptance Corp which was bought up by Capitol One.

We get the release, then we need a "Same As" letter that says Onyx (on the title release) is the same as Capitol One. Got that, sent the paperwork to Cali. Two months later (you may say that in a French accent) we get the papers back, needing another section filled out. Sent that off on July 9th, no title as of today. What a fuckup this whole thing has been. BTW, in Indiana, you CANNOT get registration without a valid title.

I did get a new CPAP machine, since the old one was acting up badly and it was on Phillips recall roster. The new one is nice in some ways but not in others. I'm having a b!t@h of a time at night, since my CPAP mask doesn't like 16 cmH2O pressure. Max it likes is 13-14 cmH2O and this new one doesn't seem to be adjustable by the patient at all. Multiple calls to my pulmonary specialist have been met with the same response, "Go though the diagnostics." Yeah.

Anyway, I'll stop blathering and scoot off to other things. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

Sven Solitude

Well-Known Member
You know though, the truth is when I logged in and saw the forums were down, it was like I was cut off from good friends I met online, and I got chills. <blush> I had a mild "Oh no" moment when I realized that the conversations and RP's and general furry-world openness and fun I've been taking for granted slightly I admit...was gone!
It was so weird when the site was suddenly gone! It didn't even cross my mind that something like this would happen. I will not take things for granted anymore! I know Google often annoys me, but a life without YouTube would be really weird as well. :') There is so much I don't wanna miss in my life.
I was worried at first, I tried to look for the secret hidden kitten images and when I thought I found them and clicked on them and - boom! - forums gone! Luckily, it was just a hacker, so it wasn't my fault. ^-^"

I don't think much happened in my life. I have an examination behind me and I'm happy it went well, because in rarer cases it can go wrong. I commissioned some artists too and I was super happy about the results. ^o^ And I started to play a retro series again: Advance Wars! The games are as good as I remember them, I'm looking forward to the remake(s) too! :) There's so much to look forward to! Such as the upcoming MLP movie or Metroid: Dread. And I bought a mosaic image I want to try soon~


"I say we forget this business and run."
Had a decent enough month. Couple expected deliveries arrived, made some good grub, mostly caught up on medical stuff, found a few interesting things in local shops.

Oh, and caught up in some choice off-FAF drama. In and outside the fandom. For a good example of the latter (which is still on-going!), there's the fursuit maker who pretended to be black so they could post "uwu fandom is free for all" Furry comics (comics, plural at this point). Which eventually lead to their mother deleting their Twitter (their mother deleting hers, not the fursuit maker's) because she swan-dived in to defend her son's actions and were entirely unprepared for the hell that would be unleashed upon both parties in the frankly "You can't make this shit up" scenario that was "Mother posts on Twitter to defend their son - also posting on Twitter - and his pretending to be black for niche Furry Twitter clout".

Let nobody ever say FAF is peak internet.

Andrea Flame Fox

Active Member
Well, I'd been mostly inactive here anyway, so I can't say I missed the forums that much, but I did notice they were down and was waiting for them to come back! I'm sorry to hear it was a hacker. : \

Meanwhile, I have been pretty great. Got a fair bit of writing down, and have kind of gotten back into Biblie translation (ahem -- an important personal project).


back to Aussie foxying!
Boy, it's been a roller-coaster! FAF going down coincided with both a significant dip in my mental well-being and a real stressful period at uni...too many assignments, ugh!!! While this plunged me deeper still for a while, I think it also prevented me from becoming too distracted when I desperately needed to focus on my assignments. I'm really glad I was able to screw my head on better in the meantime and I'm feeling a lot better now, and what a great timing that the forums come back pretty much at the same time!:D
Really glad to be back ^^