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So, if the server was down due to power outage...


Less Than Three
... I take it this means your host for some weird reason doesn't use uninterruptible power supplies and doesn't have a backup generator?

And if this is the case, why are you with that host?


Actually, they have both UPS' and a set of redundant diesel power generators.

Unfortunately, the NOC staff are retarded, so it doesn't much help. :D


Verbose Senior Bitch
Interestingly enough, if this is right:
(type in www.furaffinity.net of course)
then the NOC that the FA server is located on is somewhere on Governor's Island?!
How weird is that?


Verbose Senior Bitch
tsawolf said:
Actually, it shows up in Fort Lee for me.

But it's actually in New York City. :)

Well, I think that Governor's Island *is* technically in NYC.
BTW, I'm curious what IP you use to get the Fort Lee resolution.
I keep getting the same location with
I know that the site has a range that it uses, but I dunno a whole lot about it.
I'm just some guy on the outside looking in after all.
I apresume that the user interface is run from a different server that holds the actual dbase and such and so probably is routed to/from different places, eh?