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So, i'm a new furry

Latur Husky

Just be friendly, and take part in conversations. Try to meet new people and enjoy your stay. The community is all about having fun, so just have it. You don't have to sign anywhere to become part of the fandom.

Welcome to the community and forums by the way.


Well, talking to other people is pretty much the only thing I do. Basically by posting this thread you are doing just fine :D
If you have questions or just wanna talk, feel free to PM me


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The basic part of it is just to consider yourself a part of the community. Welcome! If you are looking for something
to do in it, you can chat on the forums or post art/music/writing on the main site(link). Or even just lurk, too. ^_^
What you do in the community is what you make of it, so just do whatever you like doing or have fun with,
and be yourself.

I think if I were to give anyone a heads up on anything, You will experience a number of 'word puns' like people using
pawsome instead of awesome. The community has a pretty heavy art base around it, so if you aren't familiar with certain
art terms/short hand, it's always okay to ask. Plenty of Furry terms around, too, where all ya gotta do is ask.


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You seem a way bit to young to be swimming this deep. I get it, the fandom seems magical to you and you want to be with it, sadly your gonna find that the forums mean nothing to the artwork or real culture the fandom makes.


Well, here's a tip: you can safely ignore furries who not only post unrelentingly negative and unhelpful bullshit, but whose grasp of English is so shaky that they don't know the difference between "to" and "too," or "your" and "you're."


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Welcome. I hope you have fun. I'm honestly also trying to figure out what are the major sites and chats to be involved in still. This is the only one for me so far, though I watch some suiters on Youtube. That's always fun too.


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Make a character! Unintentionally make it blatant representation of yourself! Make another character or two! Do some art! If you can't do that, buy some art! If you can't afford that, find some free art!
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I could do some simple, not very good, free art ; p


There are a lot of different kinds of furry, so you should know that lmao


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how does one become a part of the community? can i have any tips and things i should know?

✧・Take part in the games & various threads !! Casual conversation is a quick way to make friends in the community.
✧・Draw art! Take requests, make adopts, open YCHs, etc. Or write stories, make poems, animations, plushies, whatever you like best! The more you put yourself out there, the more people will begin to recognize your brand! Don't worry about quality, because you're always learning & improving. Growth takes time.
✧・Join FB pages, follow furry tumblrs, & chat with your local fA users!
✧・Look for meet-ups or clubs for furries near you. You never know when a convention might pop-up!


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how does one become a part of the community? can i have any tips and things i should know?
There's no oath, no pledge of allegiance, no secret handshake or membership card, no membership dues.

You want in? You're in. Welcome!

You don't have to be a gamer or an artist or a fursuiter or anything other than just a fan of animal characters.

There are plenty of Facebook groups, Telegram groups, Discord groups, Second Life and other social grid groups to help you get connected with others.


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how does one become a part of the community? can i have any tips and things i should know?

How? You simply are if you like it. It's a fandom, not a cult. <laugh> If you like furry stuff, congrats, you're furry.

Tips? Be polite and friendly and open-minded, and never forget your sense of fun and play.

Things to know? We tend to love to hug a lot, and animal traits will be profound! <laugh>