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so, im a platypus now.


The Monster Under Your Bed
Name: jess (this will change when i come up with a good gender inspecific name)
Age: 16
Sex: varies
Species: shapeshifter + platypus
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 118 lbs.

- Hair and fur: brown fur and hair
- Eye color: blue/yellow/green that looks pure green from a distance.
- Other features:
Behavior and Personality: peaceful, unless his/her friends are threatened or are in trouble. sympathetic and caring.

Skills: shooting sports, video games, diving/swimming.
Weaknesses: love, rage, hate.

Likes: peace and quiet, fun, being happy, pc gaming.
Dislikes: being disturbed when sleeping, repetitive actions/sayings.

History: born out of an egg alone in the forest, was alone for most of his/her life.

Clothing/Personal Style: casual, laid back looks.

Goal: a happy healthy life.

Birthdate: October 5th 1992
Star sign: libra

Favorite food: lemon & pepper shrimp
Favorite drink: coca-cola/pepsi/dr. pepper.
Favorite location: the mountains.
Favorite weather: rainy/cloudy days.
Favorite color: blue.

Least liked food: pork/tuna
Least liked drink: decaf coffee
Least liked location: California
Least liked weather: hot, sunny days.

Friends: not many
Relations: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Significant other: N/A
Orientation: Bisexual.

gender changes periodically; or whenever needed (shapeshifter part)
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