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so uh..... about poses?

Okay so my main problem in my drawings, among other things, is that the poses I make in my art are stale. I've realised that this is mainly because I lack the ability to see the balance in weight, height and foreshortening meaning my poses always come out looking akward though I don't know how to correct this problem. So i'm i'm wondering if anyone can help me with this problem with advice or any links to tutorials. Help is appreciated in advance ^^


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Drawing a body from memory takes ALOT of pratice and of course perfect memory about not just basic anatomy, but general perspective and how limbs bend as well. My advice is to buy some reference books about the figure in motion. Head to Barnes and Noble or any other book retailer and flip through some Human body in Motion books. Pick the one you want and buy it. Good one usually go for around $25 USD.


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These wooden mannequins are very helpful (to me at least.)

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Check Barnes and Nobles and look for a figure drawing kit, its only $19.99 USD and comes with everything to help you abit! There is a book and materials which includes a pretty nice sized mannquin :) I'm very happy with my purshase and the mannequin has helped out alot!

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If you look in the tutorials thread, I also had posted up a site that lets you get some practice by studying some poses. They change the time frame from 30 seconds to longer ones, so it's good exercise to get good at "memory drawing".


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sashbandit said:
Would you happen know where I can get one at a good (cheap) price?

Since you need help in the anatomy department as well, might I suggest getting some anatomical models. They are about the same price as the good wooden models but can be used as a limited anatomical guide as well. You will need to buy a male and female model however. If you or someone you know is any good at sculpting you can make inter changeable heads to fit more anthropomorphic characteristics.