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So... what did you get for Christmas?


Get out of here, stalker!
Just some money, a few movies, and a couple of gift cards.


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I'm Not Regret
Very little, as usual.

A sweater, some nice home-made marshmallows...some nice flannel bedsheets, since I didn't have any at all...a fox plush from a dear friend...somehow, my roommate bought Resident Evil:Umbrella Chronicles for us...and thanks to the christmas bonus from work, that allowed me to actually cover my bills this month, I got myself Super Mario Galaxy. Much more than I usually get, now that I'm on my own and rather broke. My friends really surprised me this year.
Lonely said:
Complete golf club set

Frikkin sweet. What kind? :D


I got a weeks vacation to visit some family. Just got back last night. =)
Jean jacket.
With my chrisms bounce I got an air compressor and a few air grinders for my self.


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a new fur jacket , pants , zoo york shoes, cash , blue tooth , and shirts