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So what do you want commissioned?


The Last of Us.
Thought this might be an interesting thread, so what do you plan on commissioning next from artist?
I very recently got my first ever commission which was this avatar im using now, hoping to move on to half body ones next, two at least. Wanna get one one with me photographing some kind of weird invertebrate and another 80's themed one of me after i've been listening to Odd Look by Kavinsky solidly for the past month :oops:
So whats everyone elses plans?
Alternatively i guess if you're on the other side of things you could talk about what commissions people have asked you to do if you're allowed to talk about it i guess.

Mr. Sparta

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I would never personally pay for someone else to draw something I could do myself. If I were the guy getting paid, hell I'll be all for it- unless its some weird fetish art.


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Probably an icon. I've been getting a fair few of those lately. Though I am happy with the one I just made *points at it* and will keep it for a while. Though, if an artist catches my eye and I can afford to get something I might get something else.


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I already have a badge being commissioned, and I'm still trying to find someone to make me some plush booze bottles (Jack, Jaegermeister and Crown to be specific)...


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I've never commissioned anything so I haven't got a clue of the process, but it would be pretty cool to get a drawing of my 'sona that was good for a change instead of something I drew myself.

But more likely, I will probably get parts made for my second fursuit. NO WAY am I gonna try and make a sergal head myself!


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i'm gonna need a new icon done soon, then most likely a sketch or two
(kavinsky is awesome omg)


I'm makin' ma stuff. So far I have some materials for my fursuit. All I need is some foam and fur, I have my badge done.
I may end up having to pay for some fangs and spikes though.


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Maybe get somebody to make some reference sheets in accordance to match some drawings I made? Thinking of making a character. Never done that before, if you can believe it.


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I want to commission a giant yarn tail. Leora's to be exact. I prefer making stuff myself but I'd prefer someone else to do this one (markings can be airbrushed though) because it'd be so massive. (I haven't given her fursuit dimensions yet but her tail will probably be 4-5 ft long with a diameter of foot) This won't be for awhile because it'd be so expensive, lol.


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The only commissions I'd ask for would be those that would be of no cost to me.
Good charity commissioners do exist. You just gotta find out who they are. ;)


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I like to see different peoples interpretations of my characters so usually I give other artist artistic freedom unless I'm commissioning a larger piece by that I mean a 100+ artwork in witch case I likely will be more choosy but most of the time I just like to see the variety of styles people draw my character in its a lovely treat to be able to support other artist when I can and it makes me fell good having the opportunity to help other artist out. I know from my own experience that its a dam hard road to follow trying to do it as a living. so any time I can support a fellow artist I will. Of coarse I enjoy the art my self as well so its a win win situation.

because of that I don't know if I have a dream commission there are artist I want to commission but that's about it... I got meany dream projects for my self that's for sure but commissions are a treat in of them self's and I just enjoy getting them when I can.


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I, like Kalmor, ain't old enough to commission anything yet. However, given the chance I'd probably get someone to draw a half-decent avatar for me. Y'know- one that isn't made by me and therefore doesn't have simple block colours and/or multiple mistakes on it.


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I have a particularly good lewd scenario I want to get done but I have been having a really hard time seriously justifying getting another commission to myself. The idea is there but parting with my precious shekels is the roadblock here.


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I would get my avatar of my wolf to have a full body to look like furry art!! I do have the money for such I just dont know where to look where a professional of that skill would be!!