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So...what is coffee?


When in doubt: C4
"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love." - Turkish Proverbs


When in doubt: C4
me too. It is a great quote though. :p


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Coffee, brings back fond memories of my mentor, and favourite person.
*sigh* I love my old boss lady, she was such a good friend...
I got coffee from all over the world. Africa, South America, Asia, etc...
I was sad when she got shut down... and then moved to Alaska. :c
She was my best friend, so yeah, coffee=memories=delicious drink.


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Coffee is that thing that has caffeine, and its used in many stuff... lol.
I don't like it that much, I only drink it mixed with milk... and lots of sugar.
Coffee is what they made with poisonous liquids and hazardous chemicals in child-laboring factories then turns it into powders which taste weird and unnatural when you drink it.

Naw I like coffee, they're good.
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Coffee is my fuel for when I really need it to be.

Otherwise it's a beverage few people in my family drink.

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People instantly will say it's a bean, but it's not really. It comes from cherries. (a particular kind of cherry that grows in Central and South America as well as Hawaii and around the Cango in Africa.) So...is coffee a fruit? or what?

Yes, it is (I believe)... the coffee "bean" is the seed inside the fruit, roasted, ground and then brewed for your enjoyment.


The hell am I reading, here?
If it's not worth drinking black, it's not worth drinking at all.

Also, this one's for Willow:



Let us have a bottle of whisky
I preferred to think of it as made from beans. Coffee is something I have taken to enjoying at least once daily, or something else with caffiene as a substitute.

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It's made of magic @.@


That is irrelevant
I like amp and Nos

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Coffee ice cream? I tried that once.... didn't end well... >_<