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So who actually likes Enter the Gungeon? (VENT)


Duality Fluff Dragon
Because I'll never get past the Boss of Floor 4. I'll probably at least get the 3rd floor shortcut before I stop but this game's really freaking hard, Like, you have no idea.

If any of you laugh, go straight to Touhou and start on Hard Mode only.

Maybe I don't have enough stuff unlocked yet but it's kind of hard to get more Hegemony Credits. I need to ace the bosses more to get it.
I'm on the cusp of being able to weave through some of the first and second floor boss's attacks really well, usually being perfectly capable of Acing Gun Gull and might be able to do Bullet king if not for the minor screwups I fall into doing so often. But the Trigger Twins can go eat a bag of Pinheads.
I should be good at facing the Gorgun too, but I get overwhelmed by the Beholster sometimes and that Ammoconda I swear you need to start using your good guns for straight away.
But once I hit the third floor, it all tends to go downhill from there. I suck at Canonbalrog and the freaking Mineflayer can also go eat a bag of Pinheads, but Treadnaught's okay in my book.
4th floor crap hits the fan. Sometimes I survive the floor's enemies but in Birdo's words...
"This is as far as you go!~"

Dead, dead dead dead dead dead dead. All my attempts end at the boss.
Everyone has a hard time against the High Priest so every time I meet him I know I'm freaking dead. Kill Pillars I'm the most familiar with and there's a possibility I could survive them with enough resources and good items but I also die to them so much. And I've never met the Wallmonger.

Besides all that, I hate the shortcut guy, known as the Tinker. I hate what he asks for, and I hate that you have to get his Stuff for him all in one run instead of being able to just progressively donate to him the materials that go up in a counter, but no, they wanted to make it hard.

There's something to be said for games like these. And I really wanted to like it but the difficulty's dunking me repeatedly like Sans the Skeleton.
Reggie Fils Aime from Nintendo said, "Because if a game isn't fun, why bother?"

The audience for this game loves Hard more than Fun. They sought to (wrongly) answer this Rhetorical Question. "Because we want a challenge." And so they began their foolish quest with a self-repeating test.
Is it hard enough to be beaten? Yes? Make it harder and repeat.
The self feedback loop continues like an elevator drilling deeper and deeper into the earth.

And they're not gonna stop until they reach the Gates of Hell.

So. Despite all my efforts to change every gungineer's past...