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So you own games on steam eh? I bet you've never played most of them.


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It turns out about 37% of games owned by members of the Vavle software Steam have never even been played. The study shows that there's only about 6 really super big/popular titles that people have owned and played, and you might be surprised how many of them are actually valve properties, and how many are not.


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All those sales, man...

All those sales...


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Technically, I have played them. It's just that there are plenty of games I've only ever played for less than an hour.


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I only have TF2, L4D2, and HL2 and i've played the fuck outta all of them.


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My Steam has about 335 games on it. I daresay I've only started half of them, if that. A lot of them are indie shovelware from humble bundles and such. Buy it for one or two games, neglect the rest.


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thats why i ONLY buy games that im going to play and have known about their release mounths ago. though out of the 20 games in my library like 6 are just betas that come with the game. so theres your 37% i geus...


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I got TF2, Day of Defeat, and whole Half-Life/Portal series, and i've played through all of them. And, i'm a part of the group that seems to be playing a shit ton of Civ 5. :I


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So many games, and not nearly enough time. ;_;


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I'm noticing that. I have played most of the games I've installed at least for an hour or so. However I've not beaten many of the games I actually have on my steam profile. Out of the 143 titles it thinks I have, I've beat:
Half Life 2, Ep1, Ep2, Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite, Portal, Jamestown...

Which isn't a lot....


I just got started with steam. I've had the account for a while for whatever reason I can't actually remember but I just had to recently really use because of the Skyrim game I bought from the store which is the physical copy of it. Other than that I'm making my way on buying some games I have found on there which some of them are pretty ancient but never the less great games. Just have to get the money to actually get the games.


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I only have 12, and I've played all of them at least once


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I have so many online steam games, then I complain that I have nothing to play with friends.

I mean left 4 dead is still popular right? I've had that uninstalled for years.

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The only games I buy on Steam are ones I am going to play right after I buy them. I don't own a lot.


Yeah some people do but they do have these bundles that a lot of people get that come with a lot of games. I had classmate who had several TB Drives that were full of games just off of these. I'm not even sure if he even played them all or not. So yeah some people see the games that they like or know that are in these bundles and they tend to get them.


I do own lots of games on steam, but just a few I actually bought alone, 90% of them come from bundles from which I only wanted one. Bundles are pretty much the only way I acquire games :B
I havent played most of them because of time. Dark Souls 2 is putting my queue behind now haha.
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When there is a seemingly endless zoo of games up for grabs, assuming you have the funds, why would you play every single one of them?


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I actually own only four games, but I only play one, and that is TF2. The other games I have are Skyrim, Garry's Mod, and The Stanley Parable. I would play these games more often if it weren't for the fact that my computer sucks. Skyrim is terrible, glitchy, and laggy, even when the graphics are on the lowest settings it can be, and every time I open up Garry's Mod it crashes my computer. And I don't play Stanley Parable simply because I don't think about it a lot. TF2 is literally the only game that will work on my computer without lagging and crashing (although I had some problems when it first installed, but it seems to have fixed itself now). And it's not like I can go out and buy a gaming computer, with this economy my family's going to be broke for a while.


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When there is a seemingly endless zoo of games up for grabs, assuming you have the funds, why would you play every single one of them?

Because completionist are cool, lifeless people.


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Package deals for me.

I bought the Quakecon pack which was like 60 quid for a shitload of games and it came with stuff like Commander Keen. No thanks. And another, the Valve pack that went on sale once. Lots of cool things, but Counter Strike: Deleted Scenes? Nah dawg.


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I have played all the games I have but I rarely finish them. You know what i'm going to not get another game until I finish everything on my steam library... OMG prototype 2 is 33% off, she must be mine.

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But OP, I don't have a stream.

Why are you saying that I do?
I have about 45 games, I've only beat Outlast and Gone Home, and almost finished Shadow Warrior. There are quite several others that I have played, but I don't think it's barely even half of my total amount of games.


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I tend to buy games I want/will enjoy. Of my meager 24 games, I've played them all. I don't see the need to get anymore games for the time being; I'm quite happy with what I'm playing. What sells a game for me if I haven't gotten one in a while is a multiplayer component I know I'll use with friends, or a compelling story. Oh, and gameplay's nice, too. I did get a few games out of bundles, but I at least take the time to try them.

EDIT: On a side note, I'm incredibly surprised by how many first-person shooters I own. I should really expand my PC repertoire.
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Looks like around 20% of my library (>150 games) haven't been played yet, and most of those titles are MP variants, betas, or titles I own on other platforms (like the original Dead Space). I'm kinda surprised by my coverage. I honestly thought I'd neglected a lot more games than I have.