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(sober) 21st Bday Ideas


I need some ideas of what to do for my 21st bday! My bday is less than a month away (July 2nd). I really want it to be a special day, but I have no idea what to do. Unlike most people, I don't drink and have no intention of drinking on my 21st bday. Who has some awesome ideas for me? :)


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Well my 21st was full of drinking but ill share what i did for my 22nd. I spent the whole day with a bunch of friends hanging out and riding rides at the amusement park "lagoon" which is like 20 min away from my house. Im not sure if you have a amusement/theme park close to you but ill throw that idea out. no matter what i hope you enjoy your birthday


If you have no intention of drinking, why would your 21st birthday mean anything to you?

I thought 21 was when boys became men for some arbitrary reason?

OP, you've given yourself a severe handicap there. My usual suggestion would be to eat all the food and drink all the alcohol with friends and family to good music. It would probably help if you told us some of the things you like to do.


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Aww, but then how are you supposed to celebrate with a drunken bar fight?


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contemplate how much closer to expiring you are. especially now that you can legally purchase the worlds most harmful drug from any purveyor at your convenience. nama amida butsu! when i turned 21, id been drinking since i was about 14. it was nothing special

comedy option: stick fireworks up your ass and apply thermal energy


No drinking? You're pretty much killing the buzz and shitting on its corpse. If you can still remember your age and stand up straight, it ain't a celebration, you need t get wasted and wake up pantsless in an unfamiliar location

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Asking westerners how one can have a good time without getting wasted is like asking China or Saudi how one can best exercize human rights :v

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Go paintballing or go to one of those indoor fast as fuck go kart tracks.


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Stop giving a fuck about birthdays.


Give your dad a handshake, your mom a kiss, before giving the military a hand... or an ARM(y)!


Make a list of all the things you like to do normally and do some of them with a group of friends. Go paintballing, see a movie, go out for dinner, play games, etc, etc. Maybe your friends will have some good ideas. Just being with them (or family) should make the day special.


Why don't you want to drink on your 21st though. Does not compute.

I recommend you go out with friends and get trashed.
My 21st had nothing to do with booze, and it was pretty awesome (at least I think so, but I'm probably just lame). I had my shoulder-length hair cut for a donation to Locks of Love, and later I went with my mom to a fancy Italian restaurant where we met up with my step-sister and her daughter who was 10 months old at the time (she's 5 now, holy shit she grew up fast). Much delicious food and merriment was had without any liquid courage.


I don't know. If you're not going to drink then I don't really see the point in celebrating your birthday at your age.

On the other hand, you could be the designated driver.


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I don't know what to recommend, but this is what I am doing.

I'm going to Laser Tag during the day with some friends and then going for a good meal in the evening.