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I just discovered sockpaws are a thing and oh my goodness I want some so badly. It'd be awesome to wear them around the house like slippers! But most of the people I've seen that make them are either closed for ages or don't do minor suit parts. So can YOU make them for me?

For those that don't know what sockpaws are, it's feetpaws but use socks as a base. Makes them nice and cosy and allows a lot more feet movement but are restricted to indoor use only.

They would be the feet for my character here, so basically just a creamy colour with dark brown claws & pawpads. I am in the Melbourne area of Australia, so an AU maker is preferred but I'm quite happy to pay for international shipping if it's not more than half of the commission itself. Budget wise I have no troubles as I'm saving for a fullsuit, but I'd rather them not to be too expensive as not to dent my savings too hard.

Thanks muchly!

And wew first FA forums post o3o


*squeak squeak squeak*
I make sock paws starting at $70 w/o pawpads or claws
for the pads and claws I'd suggest phazonalloy's silicon pawpads and resin claws which including shipping is $38
so the final price would be 108 +shipping. theyre very light and small and machine washable, but only for indoor use.


I would be happy to make those paws for you for $60 which includes some pawpads on the bottoms to help from slipping too much. If you would like claws added on, I can do those for $12 extra (so $72 altogether). Since you live in Australia the shipping would be around $60 so altogether I can do this for you and have it shipped to your door for $132 with claws or $120 without claws. I still highly recommend to use caution on hardwood or tile/laminate floors because fur bottoms are very slippery. Indoor only of course, and since I use open cell foam I recommend spot or handcleaning more often than machine wash, but you can also machine wash on delicate if need.

The paw link on the side actually goes to my art account, but our fursuit making business is called Pawstruck and we have been around a little over a year now (established in August of 2012). We have quite a few examples of works on our Facebook which can be found at www.fb.com/PawstruckSuits. Message us at the Facebook page, send me a message, or directly email ratcabob@yahoo.com if you are interested. Here's to hoping we can work with you!

Here are some examples of different stuff we have made:






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Thanks guys, but someone noted me with a pretty good deal and I'm sold. Thanks muchly anyways C: