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Hello everyone! I’m happy to say that I’m open to make 1 full suit for a premade character! This will be my first suit so I’m afraid I don’t have examples but I have years of sewing and costume experience and wanted to try something new.

This suit will be:
-kemono style

Will have:
-small fan in head
-4 LED features
-long tail
-wig hair
-big bappers
-zip on feets for the suit
-hoofed feet

Extras you will get:
-character rights
-suit brush
-care guide

Can pay through PAYPAL, VENMO, CASHAPP

Can pay in full or with a payment plan

Price: $2,100

Down payment: $500 (for material cost)

We can discuss a payment plan if you are buying. You won’t receive the suit until it’s paid in full.

I require:
-down payment
-duct tape dummy
-shoe size
-some head measurements


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