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Some help on a potentual Cariou fursuit?

Sooo I am thinking about making a fursuit of a caribou or a reindeer Its going to be a toony partial suit And i have like a ton of qustions so if you could help me guys it would be cool!

Ok so first of all antlers i dont want them bare like a deer but the fuzzy antlers they have i was wondering what I should do about that?

Next is Hooves I was wondering how exactly should I make it? Caribou Have four "hooves" two main ones and two in the back that make it easier to go across snow? Also what sort of fabric should i use i was thinking pleather or something but is there any other sort of fabric i could use for it?

And then there is the hand erm hooves Should i make it a four fingered? What do you suggest about the hooves as well?

And then there is something as well when caribou walk they sort of click and i want to incorporate it to my fursuit i was thinking getting something metal on the bottom? Orr something?

I know its a lot of questions but >.< this will be my first suit that im going to try and do my myself


You can carve some antlers out of foam and then cover them in fleece. I think that would give them a "fuzzy" feel. Also like teal said, Dream Vision Creations has hooves for both your feet and hand but they call them cloppers I think.