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Some help regarding submissions? (Can't upload the correct file type)


New Member
I'm confused about this in the "tips" bit when submitting from stories/poetry.
  • "If you are uploading plain text (.txt) files as Stories or Poetry make sure that the text encoding of those files is UTF-8 otherwise various punctuation marks might appear corrupted."
I know how to change the file type, but is this what they mean in the text above? Maybe I'm looking the wrong place, but in MS Word I can't anything like that.


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MS Word is probably trying to be "helpful" by not offering you "confusing" options. Keep in mind Microsoft have a history of trying to cater to the lowest common denominator. (It could also be available, mind, but tbh I've never tried to save plain text from Word. Seeing how it changed pretty drastically after Office 2003, and I believe again with Office 365, it may be useful for anyone more familiar with any such options to know what version you're running.)

Notepad++ is an excellent, very powerful plain-text editor, which can be run off a memory stick if you can't or don't want to install software on the machine you're using. It has a whole menu dedicated to encoding options. ;)

Otherwise, just ensuring you're not using curly quotes or single-character ellipses will probably be enough to prevent corruption in 99% of cases.