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Some help with art pricing?


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EDIT:I added the links to images instead because I'm stupid and for some reason they didn't show up on the forum. ;;;;

Hey there! Basically I'm just looking for some pricing help, especially for my chibis (planning to have them as a commission option in the near future so just working on examples rn), since I'm absolutely awful at that.

I did commissions in the past, mostly on Amino and DA, and sold art for around 300pts/$3 - 2000pts/$20 depending on how complex it was however haven't been doing them for a while since I'm focusing a bit more on improving my art atm, trying out new things as I've been feeling quite unsatisfied with art in general and doing well in school. I'm getting better now though and with only a month left till December I wanted to earn some money for gifts but I'm stuck with prices once more. ;;;

I've put up some posts on my other art accounts asking for chibi price suggestions since they're my current focus and it seems that people think that they should cost around 500-700pts/$5-7 but honestly I'm not sure how fair that would be which is why I've come to FA with the question. Of course I need to improve a lot and I'm nowhere near being popular on FA so I totally understand that they won't cost a large amount but still interested in what people think. ^^

I'll add some newer art examples + sketches below so feel free to share what you think, your opinion is always welcome and I'll take absolutely no offence! ^^

Some newer headshots (+sketch) (the last is a bit older but I still kinda like it):
XOXO by ThorntailWC on DeviantArt
Rising With The Sun by ThorntailWC on DeviantArt
Beep Boop by ThorntailWC on DeviantArt
sta.sh: rabbit oc wip
Doggo Commission by ThorntailWC on DeviantArt

Newer bust examples (+sketchs):
www.furaffinity.net: Woof by ThornedLullaby
Eh by ThorntailWC on DeviantArt
The Elderly Queen by ThorntailWC on DeviantArt
sta.sh: snow leopard oc wip

Older full-body examples (working on drawing some newer ones atm, last is a newer sketch of a lion oc):
www.furaffinity.net: ~ Cherry Blossom Adopt ~ (OPEN OTA) by ThornedLullaby
www.furaffinity.net: Everybody Loves Me by ThornedLullaby
www.furaffinity.net: The Klutz by ThornedLullaby
Ocean Man by ThorntailWC on DeviantArt
sta.sh: Lion oc wip

Chibi examples (+sketches):
www.furaffinity.net: Soft Paws by ThornedLullaby
www.furaffinity.net: Mlem by ThornedLullaby
www.furaffinity.net: Sun Chaser by ThornedLullaby
sta.sh: 1
sta.sh: 2

And yeah I do realize that most of my art is of of felines but that's mostly because most people who commission art from me commission art of cat ocs so I end up with a lot of examples. I'm trying to branch out onto other species though!
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El precio siempre es subgetivo, especialmente sobre lo bueno que te consideras. En primer lugar, recomiendo hacer una inspección de tu nivel. y a partir de ahí ir estableciendo una cantidad por ejemplo

un bosquejo de medio cuerpo 5 usd.
hora de hacerlo 1 hora

coloración de color plano 30 min +3 usd

colocar sombras y luz 1 hora +5

detalles del lugar 1 hora + 5
fondo único 20 min +5
comisión de PayPal aprox-2 usd
entonces lo agregas
y obtendrías 5 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 23
paypal 25 usd