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Some quick thoughts/suggestions regarding profiles on the forum

So I'm a sucker for profile fields, being able to edit them and present them nicely, even more so when it might be on a forum you use from time to time.

After the forum got an overhaul earlier last year I have been generally enjoying how things work and looks, and in all fairness the forum profiles on here are quite nice! Though I cannot say they make perfect sense in their current(possibly mostly default behavior) and I thought I'd at least throw out some personal thoughts or even suggestions. I doubt editing how these profiles work will be a priority, but having nice and functional profiles on a site like this, easily is a selling point why to use it for some people like me. There are some good features here but the structure of them and the way it's organized could be better.

So let me ramble some!

There's some things that are done correct in my eyes, like the big avatars on peoples profiles, choice up uploading a nice banner and move it, showing some basic stats. Comment section and the nice little about/bio page. Genuinely enjoy these, but..

Wouldn't it be better if the actual "about page" was a field on your main profile? Why should users click an extra time to see info you want to show or post about you, on your very own profile?
On the forum you don't really have a gallery, or upload content like videos, other pages usually let you at least have an "about you" field easily seen from your main page. In my eyes, the main page is a bit empty and purposeless on your forum profile, and the focus seems to be the comments people may give. In all fairness logically that would come second, or just have the comments on your profile at the bottom under your information/about field instead like other places.

Not sure I understand the point of status updates since they are just comments you leave on your own page, or am I missing something?
When visiting other peoples profiles it's called "Write something", while on your own it's "status update". I'd argue that a status update should have it's own little field or line on your profile instead of being baked in with the regular comments as it just comes off a bit more messy. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a field right under your avatar or on your banner or anywhere on the main page saying "Current status:" or something? I guess I just don't see the point of the status updates the way it works now since what you're doing is commenting on your own page. I don't know if people following you get a notice whenever you comment on your own profile, but if no such thing is in place. Wouldn't it be better with a set field called status on the main page, and every time you edit this followers get a message saying what it is or a link there.

Followers just like the about me field would make sense to show on the main page, or option to hide it?
There's plenty of space there, or maybe it's own page, just like how postings are right now.
Trophies field could be it's own tab instead, like how postings are right now.

Maybe some sweet small icons for various social platforms that are clickable right under your avatar instead of just text links in the about field?
Remember setting that up on a few forums I administrated and hosted in the past, with nice little clickable icons for various social platforms and sites, like tiny steam logo leading to the users steam page, YouTube icon, twitter icon etc.

These are just some quick things I think of, but there are probably more quality of life suggestions and improvements to be made if people would ask me. Thanks for reading and I'd understand it wouldn't really be a priority or greatest interest to change how something like this works! But a suggestions and input may always be welcome so I thought I'd give it.


Staff member
Unfortunately, this stuff isn't something that we have the skills to edit, and most of the plugins that xenforo uses are paid. >:
Ah alrighty, perfectly fine answer. I appreciate the amount of customization we have already.