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Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread


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YIM: Befoul_linkin

I've had this account forever and I deleted a lot of people because most of them disappeared and I don't have many contacts anymore.


The IdaFur
Don't be a stranger!
Skype: dr.slaymaster

Old XBL gamertag (never use anymore) DHG Dr Boosh MD (like I said never use)

You are all welcome to add me
I mainly play PC (Gmod, APB: Reloaded, TF2)
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YIM: befoul_linkin
Steam: trinitytwiztid
Skype: trinitytwiztid
PS3: TrinityWolfess
League of Legends: TrinityWolfess

I'm usually always on my phone and so if you'd like my number please send a message. I've love to talk to some new furiends ^_^


I only really have a Skype...
here it is Robynthewolf
Talking to a bunch a furries would be awesome! :)
As I'm very new to the community/fan base, although I've always kinda been a furry;)


Hmm I don't think i actually put anything up yet.

Skype: b-sandalius-d


Shadow of the Night
Skype: rflcymbal13
I'll talk to anyone, so just send me a message
I recently just got a skype account.
Skype: TablesideNote6
I use this username on almost everything I use.
Right now, I don't use skype, so you can add me if you want to. Just let me know you're from FAF so I don't just think a random stranger is trying to call me.
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Only a Book Smart Nerd
Skype is live:tjmunkboy. Don't expect me doing any voice/video calls though.


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Skype: furrtigra
AIM: VivicArin

Feel free to chat at me. Nothing wrong with more people to talk to.

..Just make sure to make a mention that you're from FAF, or I'll most likely autoblock. It's an automated response I've acquired towards spambots.


She do a blep
AIM: drcubesnashida

Skype's on more often than AIM as of late, so if you really want to chat that one will be your best bet. As others have said just make sure you mention your FAF name (or FA name) so I know it's you and not some random creep-caller.


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I know i'm supposed to give my contact info on this thread but I won't.

Why? Because of spam bots. Really, only this. I gave my email informally to people before and now my hotmail/MSN Messenger is flooded by spam/ad bots/porn.

However I won't say no to any fur who want to talk through Skype or MSN, just send me a PM and I will gladly respond with my contact info. It's just that I don't give away my info on forums like that for the world to see anymore.

Faulk Gough

That Sly Fox
another name to add to your skype account. faulk.gough I'm on most evenings, and always looking for folks to talk to. I'm not super furry, so, don't expect awesome from me, I just like talking to folks.


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Skype: jch905

I'm on quite often, and usually very late so feel free to poke at me if you want to chat. I'm more then happy to meet and talk with new people.


Skype: ...
Let's chat, guys. I don't bite. Unless you ask. :3c

EDIT: You know, never mind. Perhaps not now.
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Anton the Fox

Cookie monster!
Skype: Anton the Fox
Steam: either Anton the Fox or [FUR] Fox

Feel free if you want to keep in touch! ;)
Skype: Ziggy-Zerda

Always down for a good chat when I'm not busy :3