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Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread


Simply amazing.
Skype: sweetheartz211...yeah, I know, I'm really creative :V


I use skype but i forgot my password and long story short it wouldn't let me change it so i made a new one
add me if you want, I'd talk about pretty much everything... if I knew about it, but no vid chats i have no camera. :3


I'll chat with people, I'm on a lot, yeah

I don't do sexual stuff.
I will voice chat with you.
I stay up late sometimes.



My skype is BacentRekkes. I'm always up to RP (within reason) and mic chat. Love talking about weird stuff and RPGs. Just put something like 'FA forums' if any of ya'll add me


I would be interested in chatting over Skype, yes. You can reach me as "Panther.Ax".

If you send a contact request, inform me you are from FurAffinity and that I don't know you, and please link me your user page or something.


Really looking to meet just about anyone. Hit me up if you want to talk about cool music, game, movies or anything really!
Skype: Keenank93
Steam: Kingdingus

Anwen Fennec

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I have two specific furry-related accounts:

Skype: thefennecfoxie
Yahoo: answenfennec

I'm available to chat often, so if you are interested just hit me up!


shine bright like her forehead
I'd prefer it if we talked via PM and if we get along, I might give you my skype name.
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I'm new and I'd like to make some friends! Hit me up on Skype, the name is RowdyRuckusRoo. Can't Voice or Video Chat though, and mostly just looking to talk about anything.


Paws. :3c
My skype is oinsanity_

don't add me, I'm a very boring person.


I talk on Skypu, more often than not, my handle there is lurkingmuse. ​I posted up here before, yes - I think I did. Maybe. Don't really use the forums that much.

Do I RP? Mnnnhn.
Am I spontaneous? Mnnhn.
Can I hold legitimate conversation spanning across several subjects including sex because I guess that's important-? Yes.

But I also get horribly busy sometimes. Chances are, if you send a request I'll accept it with no problem.
Talkative Furry on skype Would be Nice c: My Is Zeldiac or Tongueimpaler, From Finland! Feel free to add :)


Shepherd of Fire
yeah k.

(Though I don't want 'Ron McFlorbes' popping up. I'd kinda like to be prewarned who is adding me k)


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I'm new, it'd be cool to add people. My Skype username is on my profile if anyone wants to.

Edit: Okay so it's actually there now. I forgot to put it on there earlier.

Edit again: There's really no reason I can't put it here. flamingjesusguy
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