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Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread


I am usually bored with barely anyone to talk to so in case anyone wants to chat, my skype is in my profile
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janos.audron5 It's not on my profile because I want it a couple clicks away ^^ Feel free though.


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I'm mostly on my skype if anyone wants to talk. the skype is in my profile


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It's been a while since I've been here, and I suck with talking to people, but why not. Skype is in my profile, and under the avatar.


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well there's a general furry chat room I'm in on skype. it has everything furries need. hugging-transitioning-into-sex, in 1 minute flat.


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guys, guys, I'm only kidding.

I think the sex talk is supposed to be ironic now that I think about it... I hope


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guys, guys, I'm only kidding.

I think the sex talk is supposed to be ironic now that I think about it... I hope

Irony and sarcasm has a tendency of going over people's heads sometimes.


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Issue is those kinds of chats actually exist. I should know, I got caught up in one once. Of course I didn't know it was going to be one of THOSE chats until I was already scarred for life.


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Always on Skype c: Feel free to add. Warning: I tell bad jokes.
username is parfaitprincess

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i'm on skype and invis almost 24/7. shoot me a message and i will respond when able

i may come off as intimidating or bitchy maybe but i am literally just a small nervous baby and a big dork fueled entirely by bad puns


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This entire time I've been on the site, I haven't actually posted on here yet. Heh.
So, anyone can feel free to add me if they want by pressing the little icon to the left of me. I'm online a lot, as I also use Skype on my phone and iPad.


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Ello! New on the forums here but feel free to add me on skype! naykanthro
I'm friendly to talk to I guess. Not amazingly social... dare I say I'm a good confidante?


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OK, call me a noob but I have no idea how to add my skype to my contact info. There just isn't any button.

Migoto Da

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Huh. I must have forgot to post in this thread when I first joined.

Well then.

My skype is Yunhibiki. Have at it, if you want.


I already feel bad for the OP. Sounds like they have had to repeat themselves on a regular basis.


Was hermiting.
I'm fine with speaking to people using Skype. Although, house rules apply (i.e. don't be too creepy and awkward. That's my job :V).
I'll probably be busy with schoolwork a lot of the time; however, I will try to get around to talking to people. Unless they're annoying.
I'm willing to listen to problems (within reason) or just talk.

I'm kinda shy, and not so great at actually finding things to talk about, but I'd also kinda like to meet new people. My AIM is in my profile. If you want to chat on something else, give me a damn good reason to make a new chat account. :V
Well... A lot of people use Skype over AIM nowadays - at least I think so - and it's in a nice shade of blue :V .

Skype Username: nullspeaks
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