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Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread


Gregarious Gremlin
Welp, recently just re-added my Skype to my profile so if anybody feels like chatting, add me.

Especially if you're from New Zealand. Would love to hear from other kiwi-furs.


Writer extraordinaire
Oh yeah, I kinda forgot 'bout this thread. If anyone wants to hear my sweet, sexy French (and slighly British) voice, or see my annoying jokes, there is one Skype id you need to enter : issunred. I'm available pretty much anytime (except when it is super late, because otherwise I'd become a real zombie, which would... Suck, I guess...


Cynical Jackass
My skype info is Parker.usmc. I'm pretty much always around unless I'm at work or off doing...whatever it is I decide to do...or sleeping.


Mexican Jumping Bean
I'm always open for chatting. Skype's the best way to contact me. Just don't be creepy, I probably would block you if you creeped me out. I also don't do ERP or anything sexual. So don't ask please. I will however, gladly voice chat and talk for hours with you :p

So, feel free to add me: shinichiko
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Bull ****?
Hey everyone been a while since I've been here, but looking to reconnect with you jerks. I'm awake at odd hours, but then, welcome to the internet huh? Anyways, send me a message and I'd love to chat wif u!


I really want to post my skype but some of my friends have been known to... For whatever reason, stalk and google my information to try and find my accounts on various websites. I could care less for being traced, it's more just that I don't like being intruded on.

Skype is on whenever im online, and always open for a chat. Thing is I cant always voice and video chat soooo...yeah. Gotta make set times and stuff, sorry for the hassle.

If anyone would like to add me, just ask and I'll PM you/you can PM me ^^ I'd just rather not post it publically because some people from irl reaaaally like to google me :I


Fiery Wanderer
I'm not on Skype, but if anyone has a Yahoo! email, we can speak over Messenger. I'm 'hobsylwin@yahoo.com'.


Physicswolf Extraordinaire
Skype is Orvayn. Occasionally I write stories or compose/play music or fail at video games.

I do physics for a living. Add me and force me to talk about things that aren't physics.


A wandering dragon
Well, hello. My skype is thedrake.thedragon.
I mostly play videos games (I also enjoy board games, but harder to play online), and I'm looking to make a little group of friends.



Add me and I can tell you bad jokes aaaall day long.
I even have a mic, though I haven't use it yet

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Here you shall find me, I can pretty much uphold a conversation about anything, and I like to think that I'm a pretty funny person, in general, I like to have friends, the more the merrier, well, until things get too crowdy!


Loveable Pony
I'm always up for chatting to people. I'm more than happy to share my Skype name - just send me a quick PM if you want to talk :3


Well-Known Member
I'm interested in having more furry friends on AIM and Skype. My Skype name is vgmaster9 and my AIM name is vgmasterino. I like having a good conversation and I have a lot of things to show that you could possibly like :p.


That derp from faf
callum.byrne9 skype name

I love meeting new people and I tend to stick to text chat sooooooooo ya
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New Member
Feel free to add me: byrne.dragon77. I am always looking for another person to chat with. I like to talk about anything, especially if it's about video games. :3


New Member
I'm always on Skype, always wanna be in a call. Skype for me is a friends only thing usually, however I suppose the only way to make new friends is to meet some right? Well if you want my skype go ahead and send me a note, if rather not make it public. I'm always up for meeting new people though. Do note if you do talk to me, I can be annoying at times, so that's a heads up.

Hikaru Okami

Radiant Wolf
I'm not great with advice or anything, but I do like to listen. I'm not the best at conversations either, but I still just like to be there for some random stranger. Skype thingy is under my name so just clicky there.


"That" Guy...
If anyone wants to chill and talk, im normally free in the evenings. just add me:Zechariah547 on skype and tell me your faf username or message me on faf. please just try to keep the creepy to a minimum lol


Lesbian bear-cat
Hey, if anyone would like to chat, I'm up for it. Username is the same on Skype as it is here, and most other places. xD

Not up for rping or anything, but I'm friendly. So if you want to talk, it's all good. :) I must warn you though, I am shy and rather awkward, but I will try my best to keep conversation going.


you are me, and i am you
i've never posted here? whell then... i'm i.got.more.ammo on skype. i love to chat and i've got a mic aswhell. I have plenty of co-op games i can play like L4D2, GW2, Chivalry, Minecraft etc.

invite me to anything you want, i have plenty of free time now that its summer :D

Casual Cat

Dunno if I've posted here yet or not, but anyone should feel free to add me on Skype as vat0rade. 90% of my job is sitting around being bored so I'm always down for a conversation. I'm also permanently signed into steam, so add me on that too if you want.