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Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread


Ornery Vagabond
I'm always up for chats; interested in any and all kinds of convos! Variety is the spice of life!

Skype: GrimmMire


What I know most about is music (more as a consumer than as a composer) and movies (same deal), but I know a fair bit about anime, and video games as well. Even if your topic of interest doesn't fall into these categories, don't fret; I love to learn and to listen.

Skype: PoolsideValet (so you can drive off right after you've dried off)


A Professional Expert
I like everybody. Add me.


But here's what I'm into, anyway: movies, cameras, music, photography, computers, cars (somewhat), car audio, airsoft I suppose, psychology, videogames... lots of things. Only issue is I don't like to go out and add other people, so you have to add me. I'm always happy to see a request, though!


Feed Me Pizza
Punnchyralphie on skype

Add me if your into video games, movies, music, if you enjoy forums, rp as female, or just want someone who will start conversations with you.


Adoptable Addict
I'm on skype and love talking to people so you guys can add me. =) Skype is spuddy.zombie


New Member
I'm on Skype 99.8% of the time, I can be a little shy to get into one-on-one calls but I'll do it, anybody is welcome to add me, I love making new friends~!

danny.broskie (the one from Canada)


Gregarious Gremlin
Met some amazing people the first time I added my skype to this thread, second time I didn't get so lucky.

So attempt number three! Skype name is Xevonarin, it's also in my profile to the left. Come one, come all, add me! :D


New Member
Hmmmmm..... I reckon I can add mine here. If anyone wants to talk to a dragon. Just a heads up, I am always logged in, but may not always be able to talk. But I love meeting new people. I'll talkl about anything and also enjoy RP ^^



Emotional Mess
Dunno if I ever openly gave out my Skype or not (not like it matters really)

The Skype is owleyes117
I am usually on most of the day if you want to talk for whatever reason
I'm not the easiest person to talk to, especially 1-on-1 with someone I don't know so take that into consideration
Also, I get distracted fairly easy, be it games, talking to other friends, or just IRL stuff, so don't get upset if I don't respond for extended periods
I listen fairly well, so I'm always good for venting or something along those lines, just don't try asking me for advice because I'm lousy with it
I will not answer and I wont be persuaded otherwise


Feed Me Pizza
Likes: Anime, MLP, PC and console gaming, movies, tame music.
Dislikes: Politics, religion, being called without communicating first.

Skype: Punnchyralphie.

By adding me to your skype list you agree to be messaged on a regular basis, failing to respond to 5 different days worth of starting/opening messages will have you removed from this list and less conversations will be started with you.


Catless Cat Lady
I believe the button works below my name, because it said I can't message myself when I tried.

Talk to me about anything anytime, I need more random people to talk to D:

If it doesn't work it's MyGronix


New Member
My skype is NickTarrien

It *should* be online most of the time, and I *should* be around... I can voice chat, but would need to be pre-arranged.
I'm good for a chat, but people I don't know kinda put me off, so I may be a bit stand-offish...
Video chat is possible, not likely until I get to know you... Really interested in getting to know people, though, so chat me up!


Thrashing About
What the hell, why not?

My Skype name is the same as here. I'm open for any kind of conversation, but I can be a bit dull with my responses at times. Truth be told, I mostly enjoy chilling and talking about random crap. Skype calls are a no, though. My mic sucks.