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Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread

Keiko Love

Bat/Fox thing
I don't know anyone here yet, so I'd be glad to talk to pretty much anyone. I'm a 14 yr old girl though so no creepers, lol. (Also I don't do voice calls usually, as I'm very shy). Skype is gangnamstylewhale.


ey b0ss
So yeah, might as well. You can find me on Skype at Skoda_Quirin.

I'm open to any kind of chat, always nice to meet new people. I'm an avid jazz/classical musician and also a metalhead, so I'm always up for a good talk about that kinda stuff. I have a small group of friends and we skype call all the time and talk about random shit along with sharing various videos and images we find amusing, and admittedly we troll around some, so if you want in on that feel free.
Haven't been around here in a while, but I figure it's time to ask around again. I love chatting, and I'm not too particular about the subject, but I don't RP. Always looking for new people to talk to, so feel free to send a message. I don't bite!

My skype is blue_streak_98


502 Jump Squad
Add me on skype for fun RP times and awesome chats by the fire and other awesome things along with calls and video sessions!


Skype: mrhavishim.
A few icebreakers at the beginning and we can talk about nearly anything that comes up. Be as open and yourself as possible, diversity is awesome guys. I'd rather have skittles than a bag of single color m&m's.


New Member
Hello Guys :3
Im kinda new here so add me if you would like to chat with me :)
Im friendly and i love meeting new people. Im shy so i think i will stick to chatting ^^
Skype Calzyhh
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Little Fox
My skype is renarde0. I'm mostly here to meet new furry friends, so don't hesitate to add me!
I can initially be kinda shy, but I'm down to chat about pretty much whatever. I'm interested in ecology, music, art, books, anime and video games. Maybe some RP, but that depends. And I've been told I give decent advice, so there's that. I'm up for messaging, and maybe once we get to know each other voice/video chat! ^^


Avocado Expert
Oh hey didn't notice that thread yet. My Skype is trixalia! Feel free to add me as long as you tell me who you are, cause I'm the worst at adding skype friends even if I love to chat :V
I love video games and uh... video games yeah


Where'd the time go?
"Chuchi.fi" over here.
Just let me know who you are, otherwise I will reject you. >:[
Also, I have no problems with calls, so long as you warn me beforehand/check to make sure I'm not busy or already talking with someone.
I might go unresponsive at times as well, if I meander away from the PC to do housework or something, but I usually return messages left for me. C:


4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
PanFantic on skype, got two skype profiles with the same name. Because one's for my ipad and the desktop one was signed up using facebook. Add me on both if you want. Or not.


New Member
Skype: Austin.Horenkamp

Feel free to add me I don't bite^^ Unless you really want me too which if you do ew XD
I do voice, video and just regular chat calls :)

There is two versions of my name, the one should have my red fursuit head in the picture.

Ohh and just let me know that you are from FA.


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I wouldn't mind talking to some people. Here's my skype cory-snyder1. I like games, anime, art, drinking....etc.


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I wouldn't mind talking to some people. Here's my skype cory-snyder1. I like games, anime, art, drinking....etc.

Whoops, didn't mean to post this again.
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my skype is jack.embersky

Pretty much lonely is what describes me.


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okay, here goes, I am very lonely and desperately need someone to talk to. Loneliness is such a nasty state of mind, totally consuming. I need help out, whether it be male or female, female preferably.


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I would like to meet some new people. My skype is Killdashwolf. I wont do voice calls. I like gaming and uh gaming.


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Hey guys! I've been looking for some more people to talk to and I suppose this would be the perfect place to do it. My Skype is hydralisk94. When you add me, make sure to write something in the opening message about this thread so I know it's a person and not some bot. I've been having that problem for a while.
I'm open to talking about pretty much anything but my interests include games, electronics/computers, art (although I'm not good at it hue), music, and just overall learning new things. I really enjoy getting to know new people so don't feel hesitant to add me!
As for the games, I play League of Legends (Gold currently but haven't been playing ranked since the season ended, trying to learn new things), Smash (mostly competitively), Sc2 (although I haven't played it much for a while it's something I'd like to get back into). I've been playing a lot of Hyrule Warriors too, and I'm a good chunk into Earthbound and Bravely Default, so my taste kind of scatters everywhere. Looking forward to the people I'll meet on here!


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Eh, hell I'll shoot for this too. I play smash(WiiU) a lot, and looking for people to improve my game with as well as LoL and DotA2 (but computer can't handle Dota2 atm). I'm very much a gamer that plays everything.

I'm open to talk to anyone and everyone about whatever. I do need to work on holding a conversation though.

Skype: Kyurian


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I like to talk to people alot, my info is in my profile shouldn't be hard to find, just add me send me a message and stuff
I dont really have much info on here since i dont know how to describe myself but im pretty open shouldn't be hard to get to know me


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I don't really skype that much, but I'll try to get online some. You are free to add me, my skype is in my profile or on the left hand side of this post.


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I just started working an overnight shift so I need some full on nocturnal creatures to talk too on my days off and when I get off. I'm in CTS (Central Time Zone).
I get the usual emotional vent, but I'm not here for people who are constantly depressing. I wanna chat for a pleasant conversation, maybe share some youtube videos, not get all sad. I'm a silver lining kind of person ^,-,^
Skype - Zeekialk


Gamer Extraordinaire!
I just started posting on here, and it would be wonderful to meet some new friends! My skype is nickrocks3636 It was made forever ago, forgive me so anyone feel free to message me! I love meeting new friends~ I live in Wisconsin, so I'm a central timezone. Also, if there are any furries around me that would be wonderful, but I highly doubt it, haha. I don't really vent or talk about my feelings that much, so don't worry about that.


Vanguard of Solitude
Still fairly new here but it would be nice to meet new people so thought I'd drop in my Skype name. Its twilightwarwolf13 and I'm in Eastern timezone. Not really up for video chats but I'm alright with voice once I get to know you and messaging is always fine. Just one thing if you decide to add me make sure to say your from here so I know who it is. As far as topics go I'm pretty open though video games, music, etc and just general randomness are fine by me.