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Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread


Drunken Irish Snow Leopard
Will throw in as well. I am kinhariakinny (woo Kin, cool name :p) on Skype. Feel free to add if you want, I live in Ireland so might need to take into consideration. I can chat, wanna video chat then sure why not. Enjoy my non-irishie accent.


New Member
Well, hey everyone. I suppose I may as well post my information here too, since I really enjoy chatting and meeting new furs.
Skype: xshadowwolf69x
Kik: ShadowWolf69
Also, if it matters to anyone I'm gay. x3


Hi People, I'm italian , I like: chat, rp and video chat but not voice :( My english is not very well, however I use a lot translate :oops:. I like know new fur ^^. Hi Open for all discussion.
I like talk ofdraw ,cook, videogame, manga, anime, sport and another :oops::p. My skype is Dmcfurry88 (avatar: cat cook)

https://www.f-list.net/c/mike mccallen/
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Indigo Faux

Diddly Diddly
Everyone can call me Indi, Digo, or something completely random, doesn't really matter to me. I'm a fairly quiet/shy person, but will talk way too much once I warm up to people. I like to doodle, gamestuff, write and talk (a lot). My skype is off to the side here but if you wanna be lazy, it's lol.u.mad.bro (or Derplodocus, whichever is easiest to find). I also have steam: nonsensicality (or Diddly Don't, same picture I have on here). I play a lot of random game things and I'm bored a lot so conversation is a very welcome thing here on my end. I have a very short attention span so I'm extremely excitable over stupid things. If you can accept that, I applaud you (and feel bad for you at the same time).


New Skype: Polaramethyst

Find me mang it's awesome!
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The puns, they burn
Hey, I guess I'll post here ^_^

I'm online Skype pretty much everyday, feel free to message me at "spike.tg".
Anything and everything I love to talk about, and I wouldn't mind making more friends here. I can offer advice, help you with something, rate that dress you just bought from 1/10, answer questions, roleplay, talk about nerdy things, or just straight up give you virtual hugs.

But wait, there's more!
Message my skype in the next 5,000,000,000 hours and you'll get instant responses, that's right, instant responses!


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I'm Pete and stuff. Skype is thepetersaurusrex. My schedule can get pretty erratic but I'll talk to anyone any time I can. Yeah.


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Well, i guess i'll put my skype name here-it's coasterwho. So, yeah, I like talking about practically anything, I'm usually always online!
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Samandriel Morningstar

The Morningstar
Yep,here's my Skype.
I'm usually always on so if you wanna add me,go right ahead.

I'm new to the forums and looking to make some new friends, would really love to make some that live relatively close to me if thats possible. Anyway my skype is logan_womack....yeah don't judge I tend to be trusting. I'm on skype almost everyday and live in a central timezone, please leave me a message in the chat request about this thread or this sight so that I know its a fellow fur and not some random person.


boi...chill out!
Here's my skype: sparklemagic91.

Edit: You can skype me, it's not like I have anything going on in my life, so if you want to chat, then by all means lets do it. I'd like to actually make friends within the fandom so don't be afraid to say hello.
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Airship Gunner
My skype is, unimaginatively, TheDukeofRawsome. Add me. Im usually on in the evenings until about 2am CST. I enjoy roll playing and just chatting and chilling.


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skype- Koota.Jaguar


Drunken Irish Snow Leopard
I'd do both really. Whichever you're most comfortable with.

Ahkrin Descol

RELIC Specialist
Yeah if you add someone you can message them, and if you're in a call you click the circle with 3 lines through it. Anywho, my Skype's Ahkrin 'Descol if anyone wants to add me. (I don't RP/ERP, but I'm generally happy to chat).


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I'm also always up for chatting. I'm usually on and off on forums, but I am usually on Skype. Feel free to add me.


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All I have is Skype. Which everyone is allowed to add me on. Just tell me where your from and who you are.

Skype: lazarus_maxwell
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Gregarious Gremlin
Haven't posted on here in ages. Been mostly detached from the furry community for a while. I'm making an effort to get more involved again though.

My Skype is Xevonarin.

About Me: I'm a dude. I'm also a massive fag, but the manly kind! I love video games, heavy metal music and fuzzy balls. I can string together coherent sentences and really appreciate others who do the same! I'm also from New Zealand. I hate it here :)

I'd preferably like to hear from people whom I have something in common with! Especially people who know how to drive a conversation because I sure as hell don't!

PS: I don't RP! Nor do I do calls, just IM.
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