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Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread


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My skype's Legofkururu. I'm open to talking about anything to anyone. I'm available 85% of the time so if you need to talk to someone or you're bored, chances are I'll be there. feel free to add me! Just tell me who you are if you do:eek:

just a little about me; the name's Breezy. I'm Bisexual, I'm a girl. I love snakes, portal, GLaDOS, video games, the arts and dicking around. I roleplay and I'm not too picky about with whom I roleplay but I prefer at least some literacy! I don't call that often because it's not really convenient, but if I will if necessary.
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Well if anyone is still on I have a Skype my profile name is in my profile just type in Spazzlez
My yahoo id is: winterflurrypruitt and feel free to add me to your friend list. I'm usually on Yahoo messenger a lots and please let me know you're from here when you add me. We can talk about furries and other stuff like the weather. My Aol Instant Message Id is: PrinceApplejack. Free to add it also.
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My skype username is: mythicchronic
Add me if you want to chat! My mic is shit so I don't really use it but text is all good.
I also have Kik if anyone wants to add me there, username is: MythicGear


Well on skype I'm Mr.Foxster. I like to talk time to time, when I'm bored.

Not much to say, so hey


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If any of you would like someone to talk to, feel free to add me on skype (wingedmisery) I'm pretty chill and willing to talk about nearly anything, so don't be afraid to add me and send me a message whenever! Just make sure to mention you're from FAF so I don't think its one of those skype bots.


My new Skype is: polaramethyst

I'm overall pretty chill no matter the subject. It'd be nice to have more peeps to chat with.


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if anyone needs someone to chat to, i'm always up for a chat, i have skype, snapchat and this place ^_^


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I dont have skype but i am willing to talk to new people and possibly make some friends on faf. Ill talk to anyone who whants to and i wount rp (maybe when im more use to being a active member in the fandom).

(Just message my faf)
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i'm such a tit i posted that and i dudn't put a username1111 xD

Skype: (sorry it's so childish i made it a loooong time ago ^_^) Skadoosh.01

although i'm ALWAYS available to chat on here :D


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Well then, new FAF, not so new thread. I'm going to take the opportunity to bump this thread as it was a great way to get chatting with some pretty cool people! (and maybe a few people who were a little less than cool :S)

I don't use Skype anymore (on account of it declining into a horrendous piece of broken software over the last couple of years) but I AM part of the "Telegram Masterrace™" so if you're a cool cat like me and use Telegram, click the little link in my signature and we can chat!

About Me: I'm a male gay furry. I do not RP. I'm hoping not to be added by too many 13 year olds with their Sonic OCs - seriously, don't be one of those guys ;)

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I have Skype, but I am not giving out my Skype username to just anybody.

If anybody wants me to added them on Skype, they have to I.M. me first. I want to make sure they can control yourself and not act like a complete jerk. I am open and very willing to add more people on Skype, but I want to make sure they are the kind of person I want to talk to.

I can and will, however, give out some alternate addresses, so if anybody wants to contact me (cause why not), they have other options

deviantArt: Zecora-IAIS7081
E-mail: lionel_prr681@aol.com
Youtube: Tailterrier27
(This is just a general message to anybody who can see this.)


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Yo, I'll accept anyone on Skype.


The name is Toasty, corgi pic.

I'm a pretty amazing guy, totally lovable and a little gay. Just state you're from here and ye, let's chat shit.


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I leave Skype on basically all the time if you feel like sniffing around. Just be notified that my responses may be unconventional. :3c

Skype name is also foxxorz