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SOMEONE HALP ME PLEASE. Canon related for my fursona xD

Alrightieeeee. So I'm thinking of writing up a canon/long-running adventure kinna series for my fursona, Ricin. I have a very loose general idea for his canon, but I want some opinions to see if it's enough to flesh out and make into something potentially good.

So the basis for Ricin's backstory: Way, way back in the day, Ricin was an enforcer for his pack. Being an enforcer basically meant he was in charge of hunting down lost pups/wolves from other packs and essentially bringing them back and/or hunting them down and permanently ending them need be. But after a job went awry, Ricin was exiled from his pack. After this, some time passed and he became a legend known around the packs in the area. No one really knows who he is anymore, except for one wolf. That one wolf is /also/ an enforcer from another pack who had a previous squabble with Ricin. This other wolf's name is Dominick, a "somewhat friendly past rival back in the day" from another pack. Soon after Ricin begins his odd adventures, he starts butting heads with Dominick in short little fights along the way. They both survive each of them, though they swear one day their little fights will end and all hell will rain down upon everyone. Since Dominick is an official enforcer, his job is what Ricin's used to be-- but to kill of Ricin since Ricin knows things he shouldn't and make sure Ricin doesn't live to spill the beans or continue living.

Good enough for a canon or no, do you all think?

Please comment and stuff ^^.

I just realized this is almost like Burn Notice, except with wolves... *facepalm* xD
One of the mods, delete this please D: ?