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Somethin' To Do


Hi everyone I remade my FA after a long time of inactivity for a fresh start! I'll be adding more work to my gallery but in the meantime I'd love to take some requests. Just a few at a time for me to do when I have some free time or between other projects!

My Gallery
Commissions take priority, so if you want yours a guaranteed to get done, or in a more specific manner- check out my commission page.
Request rules:
  • Visual references only! Please post a link or attach a photo. Feel free to request expressions or add a little bit to describe their personality and the like but if there is no visual reference I will not draw them.
  • SFW only at the moment please.
  • This is not first come first serve. This is just something for me to do for fun in my free time so I will be choosing whatever is most interesting/fun for me.
  • Finished requests will be posted to my FA. Please do not repost them elsewhere without giving credit to my FA.
  • I will take as long as I need to finish these so please be patient.
  • If you read and agree to these rules please open your reply with the following emoji: :cool:


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Hello cutie! Your style is lovely and I would be honored to have my fursona drawn by you (sorry for grammar, I'm Italian!)
If you are interested into drawing a cat, here is the profile with some pics
Userpage of niba -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
I like the calm and smiling expression, and I'd like to see him with a mug into is paws, to honour his tea addiction :3


The Over Caffeinated Vulpine
Heyyo! If you are interested, I would love to get some art of my friendly fluffy arctic fox drawn up.
You can have artistic freedom with him and draw what you want. :3


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This is Dream if you are interested. She is generally quite happy and bubbly but she is also very empathetic, so feels very deeply for others. Your style is beautiful by the way!


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Friendly & Fluffy Fennec Fox :33
:cool: Here's my fursona, Liffan ^~^ She works in the military and is stern yet slightly rebellious, enjoys sticking out her tongue and smirking :33
(And almost always carries her combat knife around with her.)
Not to mention she keeps her belongings strapped to a band around her tail which would be slightly visible under her fur. (If you're okay with doing that much detail)


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Draws with Claws


Pink is my name, neon is my game.
Your art is great! I was wondering if you could do Libby:
(This is just a reference she is an anthro character, also she has the poofy tail.. I forgot to take the other tail off)

or you could do my velocoraptor Kaitlynn:
(The paintie is the best ref i have of her r/n)

(if you want I could draw something for you in return if you decide to do my characters)


The Autistic Otter
i'm kind of bad at character art (usually just do weapons, mostly swords, spears, axes, shuriken, etc.) which is why my avatar (also my fursona) was made in a character creator, only position/pose i could get from it, so it might be a crappy reference. the pet wolves can be excluded, as can the scale mail shirt under the vest (intended to be a cargo vest) the tail in the picture is a bit bushier than i wanted but it was the closest it had to the desired look. and the face isn't as wolf-like as i imagine him, (the fur forming the outline of his head would be closerin shape to disco's fursona) but other than that it's pretty much as close as i could get it. wings are also usually folded against his back and covered by the vest so don't worry if you feel like leaving those out, though more fur detail on the body would be nice i'd be happy with just a drawing of his face. as i can only guess how much work it takes for a full body image. A description/personality is also available on my profile for the forums if you don't have time to read the attached bio form. thanks in advance if you decide to do it.


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Dire Wolf and Dragon Therianthrope
I love seeing other people's takes on my characters, thus I offer to you Arkus-Sul. www.furaffinity.net: Arkus-Sul by Diretooth
This is not a reference, but it is everything that makes him Arkus. A Terrian scientist with a penchant for dissection, his only law is science, his only loyalty to those who lead him to greater discoveries. "The number one rule to remember when asking a Sul for power or knowledge is that pain comes before power."


High King of Furgasta
I like seeing different art styles for my fursona. I'll upload two pictures I've had done of my fursona in the past.


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If you get the chance and you're interested I'd love it if you drew either of my fursona's!
Obion: A husky and doberman cross (doberman face and markings, husky body and coat length) who has a very small, slim frame and is very outgoing but also very agressive (if he were a genre of music he'd be pop and classic rock combined)
9_by_xmush_kennelsx-d8xuv5u.jpg female_doberman_by_blink4art-d61d08t.jpg
Tiberius: A dragon (red and gold colours, any pattern) who has a large, bulky frame and is charismatic and charming (if he were a genre of music he'd be smooth jazz)
bceae724943be1c75e951ba6d50cb7d2.jpg (only for basic body structure, doesn't need to be exact)
Thank you and good luck with all of your other works!


:cool:could do my guy hes a crow


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