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Something a Little Different

Aurorans Solis

cum sol surrexit auroratque dies incepit
Now I'm not exactly a good artist - I'll say that up front. I have little to no skill when it comes to drawing proportion but have an excellent eye for spotting when things are off, and in terms of drawing, these two things are mutually incompatible. So, I've had to turn to different kinds of art. Now, being quite a nerd and thoroughly interested and fascinated by mathematics, I found my way into mathematical art. I'm currently wrapping up on around a month-long project of mine, and thought I would put my results out there for any interested individuals to see.

There's a little-known mechanical device out there called a "pintograph." I won't bother to explain how it works, as a lovely gent on the internet has created a wonderful simulation of its operation, which can be found here. I've known about this machine for a while, and every time I've looked at it and thought them rather pretty. But I also thought, "Hey, those drawings look like they should be 3D." But I could never quite figure out how to do it.

Well, last semester in my maths class I finally learned the proper skills in my maths class to be able to begin attempting this. Mind you, I thoroughly procrastinated on the whole thing and didn't get started until January. That aside, I developed some equations to model the movement of the drawing point on a pintograph and then with the help of a lovely fella in a Discord server I'm in, I was able to modify an add-on for Blender so that it would output the 2D curve of a pintograph drawing and allow for a user-input 3rd axis equation. Here's some examples of the things my script will output:





If this thread generates any interest, I'll post a link to the code to generate such curves and fix up the instructions section, as well as post a link to a version that'll render 2D versions quickly for testing so you can see whether you'd like to put the time into making it 3D.